"If Only Tonight We could Sleep"

We have been enjoying beautiful clouds for the last couple  of days so I thought I would share some photos with you. No rain as of yet but the weather forecasters are saying there is a chance tonight and tomorrow.
Last evening's sky.
I LOVE purple coneflowers! I finally have some and we are leaving in 2 1/2 weeks. I will be planting some at our new home.
Well, I LOVE any coneflower.
I am taking care of the gardens of one of our neighbours while they are away. She is an avid gardener. The following 10 photos were taken in her gardens.
What a wild night we had last night! (Here I go, Kim) Chuck and I were pretty pooped last night as we had been up late the previous night (more on that later). So at 9:30 we decided to go to bed.
We had just turned out the light when we were blasted with country music. Oh darn, it is the Country Jamboree here this weekend in one of our local parks. Two days and nights of country music!
We were just managing to fall asleep when the neighbour across the street (our bedroom is at the front of the house facing the street) and a buddy came out of his house and stood in the driveway talking and laughing for a half hour.
If you remember we live in Trenton, which has the largest air force base in Canada. Well, last night just after 10:00 they decided to have a night time exercise. The planes flew very low right over our house. I swear the windows, which were open as we finally had a cooler, less humid day, were rattling.
We finally got to sleep around 11:00. At midnight a large group of kids came by all on skateboards. The racket was incredible! Then an hour later they came back.
About 1:30 we fell back to sleep again. Not for long! Around 3:00 a skunk came through the yard and stunk up the whole yard. We both woke up coughing.
We fell back to sleep again and woke up at 5:00, our normal wake up time.
That was the worst nights sleep we have had in a long time. We are pooped today.
I haven't any idea what plant this is. The colour is amazing!
Love the coneflowers and hosta!
Chippy finally put in an appearance at the feeders. We have some pretty aggressive red squirrels that chase him off. He looks rather sad in this photo.
Here is the reason we were up late two nights ago. We had to drive an hour away to pick up our new car. Our new home is in a small town 10 minutes away from Trenton. Chuck and I have been sharing a car for the last year and a half. It mostly worked out but there were times we could have used two cars. Well, we decided to purchase a second car. Chuck has been busy the last two days cleaning and polishing it. He will drive our other car to and from work (which is in Trenton) and this one will be mine to use.

It is a holiday weekend here in Canada so if you are Canadian, Happy Long Weekend! To everyone else I wish you a great weekend.
Take care.


  1. First, what wonderful photos! Your neighbour has a garden to envy.

    Second...It's funny in the reading of it, your night -- you know, the bad cosmic joke/gods are laughing kind of funny. Not funny having to endure it! I hope tonight is quiet for you.

    Third, awwww, Chippy! I'm sure he's not starving, though, with not only your feeders but others' as well.

    Fourth and last: That's the first full car shot I've seen! Oh, she's a beauty, all right. Lucky you, all yours to drive during the work days! :-)

    Take care!

    P.S. I almost did the laundry thing AGAIN, with the second load (real load, not rewash). Caught myself just in time, though! Apparently even the simplest things are a bit too much for me at this point in the afternoon. :-D

    1. Her gardens are beautiful! She us out there everyday working on them.
      As soon as we woke up this morning I said to Chuck " I must write Kim and tell her about this night!"I hope we sleep tonight. The windows are closed!
      Thanks about the car. I love the colour! Can't wait to drive it tomorrow!
      You have done way too much. Your brain is shutting down! Stop and rest!
      Talk soon.

  2. NICE CAR!! Want to race? : )
    Wow that was some night of not sleeping you two had! Crazy all those things happening in one night. At least you got them all over with at the same time. : )
    The flowers are all gorgeous.

    1. Hi Karen, we would both look pretty snazzy in our red cars wouldn't we?
      It was a crazy night but thankfully we did sleep last night.

  3. What a terrible night you had. One can only hope tonight will be quieter.
    Your new car is awesome. I love the colour.
    And... I have trouble keeping coneflowers. They don't seem to make it through the winter yet a few volunteers always seem to pop up. In unfortunate spots. This summer I have 2 plants, both growing almost in the bricks of a path.

    1. We did finally have a good nights sleep!
      Coneflowers do very well here. I lost all of my Pinks with the mild winter we had. They all came up in December and then were killed when the cold came in January.

  4. love that picture of Chippy! Your new car is bright and pretty and oh my gosh!!---what an AGRAVATING NIGHT with all that noise and not getting any sleep! HOpe you've caught up on sleep by now!

    1. Chippy is a sweetie. I have seen him at the feeders the last couple days finally.
      I do love the colour of our new car too.
      And yes we finally have caught up on our sleep!


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