"Your Smiling Face"

Look at this face! We made a quick trip to Cobourg to look at a couple cars (nothing we ended up being interested in) and on the way back we stopped at Rutherford's Farm Market, my favourite farm stand. I wrote all about the market here. This time the llamas were rather friendly instead of ignoring me and walking back into the barn. I stood at the fence and spoke to them and eventually this guy came over and sniffed my hand. I then was given a big kiss on the cheek! Of course right after I took the above photo the battery on my camera died!
Clouds were threatening but we were hopeful the rain would hold off for awhile.
A wonderful pick your own strawberry farm. One of the best tasting things is a strawberry just picked still warm from the sun, in my opinion anyway!
Surprisingly green looking despite the lack of rain.
 Back at home many visitors as usual at the feeders.
 He walked around with this peanut for a couple minutes before finally eating it.
Crows like dried cranberries! The squirrels were putting the run  on this guy but he managed to snatch a few cranberries.

We had our Yard Sale yesterday and we did pretty well. Janice sold quite a bit of her daughters extra baby items and we sold most of our STUFF. About three quarters of our books sold, the rest going for donation. That was rather hard for me to give up some of my books. I have WAY too many and they needed to be culled but I am a book lover.

We are in for a hot and humid week so I am doing my bread making today while it is still cool. After lunch I plan on making muffins and cookies.

Have a great week!


  1. The llama is cute! Moulting? Actually, it looks like a bad shave job, but I be the llama is cooler at the moment, and maybe they sell the wool?

    Given how condensed the population is in southern Ontario, it always amazes me how much rural area there is. You don't have to go far to find a bit of breathing space, that's for sure.

    I'm a bit surprised that the squirrels put the run to the crow, I'd have thought the crow would take precedence in the pecking order. But some of those squirrels are plain nasty, as cute as they are!

    Enjoy the rest of your day. I saw the forecast is for heat and humidity for at least the next couple of weeks, so things will be sticky again.

    Take care.

    Oh, regarding books, as a former book-hoarder: If you'll reread the book keep it (fiction). The same applies for a lot of non-fiction too. If you'll reread the book, or you use it for reference, or it makes your heart sing, keep it. If not...donate! :-)

    1. They had just sheared(?) the llamas. I didn't think to ask what was done with the wool.
      I am very thankful to live where we do. Just like you I need to be in nature as much as I can!
      We have some pretty aggressive squirrels here. It was interesting to watch one of the black ones chase the crow across the back yard.
      I did try to keep books that mean something to me, but there are so many. Some I have had for 30 years and have read so many times. I did keep really special ones.
      Take care!

  2. What a face on that llama. : )
    Sounds as if your house smells wonderful right about now!!
    I do what Fuzzy Tales does with my books too.

    1. I didn't realize until I download the first photo that the llama was smiling.
      The house is smelling pretty good right now Karen! Not too good for the waistline though.
      I find it really hard to give up books. I have been a book lover since I was a kid.
      My dream family room would have one wall all being bookshelves!

    2. Mmmm, a home library, only with light and airy decor, and complete with French doors that open onto a secluded garden. I had that fantasy for years! :-)

  3. That llama looks just like he is smiling for you. Our strawberries come in much earlier than this. I would sure love to have a bowl of freshly picked strawberries.

    1. He was very sweet this time. I was so happy he actually came over to me.
      We have been enjoying strawberries almost everyday. So short a season for local ones!

  4. The strawberry season is so short. We're on to blueberries now and I hope we'll go picking a third time this week. I have to take a cake Wednesday evening and I'm hoping to make Blueberry Platz.

    1. Our strawberry season is winding down. Sad to see it finished! Cherries are just starting here along with raspberries, then blueberries. So much delicious fruit to enjoy! Now you have me thinking about blueberry platz!


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