"Feels Like Home To Me"

Moving in the rain is such a joy! We have been terribly dry all Summer long. Except on the day we rented a moving van. Luckily we could back right up to our old house garage and do the same thing at our new house. We had the truck for two days and probably worked for twelve hours both days. It was worth it as we saved quite a bit of money on the hired movers. Only one causality of the move and it wasn't done by us. Our freezer lid was crunched so we will be receiving a replacement freezer.
The previous owners had left all their bird feeders so I filled them right away. It only took a day or so for the birds to find them. Sorry for the quality of some of these photos but I took some of them through a screened window.
It was crazy hot the whole time we were moving in. This part of the deck is in the shade for most of the day so the squirrel was making good use of it.
Sorry so blurry but this fellow joined me one afternoon as I was weeding around the patio.
Many cardinals and goldfinches around.
I love this squirrels feet!
We were outside gardening last weekend when this Kitty paid us a visit. Young and skinny he hung around for an hour or so. Very cuddly and purrs continually.
This is the bush outside our living room window. Anybody know what it is??? Bees love it.
The evening sky outside my computer room window.
Hot, hot for way too long now. Pardon the bird poopy solar light!
Two little young mourning doves hung around yesterday morning.
Hmmmmm, somebody wormed his way into the house for a meal. Lucky I just happened to purchase some cat food a few days ago! I will find out if he belongs to someone.

We have started painting and changing lights in our new home. I will share some before and afters as we go along. We love our new community and I will share photos of that too.

I missed visiting all of you and seeing what everyone has been up to.

Talk again soon!


  1. Oh, the critters are already making themselves at home, both inside and outside your new house! You got a couple of especially great squirrel pics, and that sky is amazing. As for the young cat: I would say he's picked his humans, but well, you never know, he could have (negligent?) bipeds already. Time will tell! I love that he's making himself right at home, though. :-)

    1. I was just thinking as I read your comment that I didn't bother to post house photos, just critters! I guess that says where my priorities are. The Kitty sure is making himself at home. I was sitting at the table early this morning reading with the sliding door open and I looked over at the door and he was sitting there waiting to come in. He knows a soft touch!

  2. Oh I love it!!! You must have the "blue light" around you because animals sure seek you out! I love that you fed the kitty and the squirrels are adorable!!! Congrats on the move! catchatwithcarenandcody

    1. Thanks Caren! Animals always do seem to find me. I wouldn't have it any other way!

  3. Oh I see the back yard animals have found you already. : )
    The kitty has such a sweet face. Will you keep him if you can't find his owners?
    Glad to hear you got moved in. I'm sure you saved quite a bit doing the move yourselves.
    We do it that way too.
    I wish you much happiness in your new home.

    1. It didn't take long for the critters to find me!
      We are pretty sure the Kitty has owners as he is only a periodic visitor. We are really on the fence as to whether we want another cat.
      Thank you for your good wishes Karen!

  4. You certainly found the right place. It comes with birds, squirrels and a stray cat. I grinned at the idea that you just happened to have bought cat food. You must have been hoping for just such a visitor. Don't work TOO hard.

    1. We are surrounded by various wildlife here G.M. so that makes me very happy. I just had a feeling we would have a Kitty visitor here!
      I made a good start on the gardens today and am happy with the progress. A long way to go to look anything like your beautiful gardens!

  5. Oh im so glad yall got moved and you are already making friends!the lil kitty is just adorable!! Can you keep him? Maybe he is looking for someone to help him if he is skinny. He sure is sweet

    1. I really think he does belong to someone. He is very sweet and cuddly. And nosey too!


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