"Leaves That Are Green"

Today on this first day of Autumn, Summer is having a hard time letting go. Warm and humid today but by the weekend we are supposed to be in cooler temperatures.
 Do you recognize what this is? I found it on the outside windowsill on one of the living room windows. Someones muddy footprint!
The flowers are still beautiful around the yard.
Gorgeous! I hope to bring some inside and dry them for the winter.
Sweet Pea is still paying us daily visits.
As are a few other cats. I think the word is out that we are cat friendly. This lovely big orange and white cat hung around for a few minutes.
The cat below is the one I saw the first day we came to view our home. Still rather timid but it didn't run off the moment he saw me. This was the best photo of the few I managed to take.
All the cats around has not been very good for attracting birds to the feeders. The squirrels are very bold and will come. Chickadees are frequent visitors too. Hopefully as the weather turns cooler more birds will show up again.

Do you remember I mentioned two weeks or so ago about my friend Janice and her husband Keith coming to view a neighbours house? Well, they bought it! The final paperwork is going through and next Spring they will move in. The elderly gentleman who lives there now wants to stay in the house until April. How wonderful!

Busy weekend coming up with AppleFest and company coming. I plan on taking my camera to the festivities. Hopefully I will remember to take some photos to share with you! Have a good weekend.

Take care.


  1. Yes, indeed, word must be out: animal lovers have moved in (read suckers). LOL. How lovely to have all the four-legged (and winged) visitors.

    Congrats to Janice and Keith, I'm glad it's all going through without a problem!

    Enjoy these last days of warmth!

    1. It was warm yesterday but this morning it does feel more Fall like.
      Have a good weekend!

  2. Oh that's great that your friend will be moving so close to you. That worked out well!!
    It has stayed warmer longer here too this year too.
    The sunflowers are so pretty against the blue sky.
    Happy Fall.

    1. We are very glad that our friends are moving closer.
      I took the photo of the sunflower just after the sun came up. I was surprised when I downloaded the photos how blue the sky looked.
      Happy Fall to you too Karen!

  3. That big, fluffy cat drinking is gorgeous. I can see why the birds may be a little wary though xx

    1. He was gorgeous and not at all frightened of me. The downside of all the kitties though is no birds!

  4. With your very warm temperatures it's no wonder you don't feel too fall-ish yet. But, as you say, it's coming.

    Your roving kitties are all very handsome. We used to have more around but now I only see one or two. The downstairs cats hiss and spit at the intruders when they come to the windows!

    1. Hi G.M, Fall is coming shortly. It is definitely cooler this morning.
      I was surprised to see so many roving kitties but our street gets very little traffic. None of them seem to wear collars though but I assume they belong to someone.

  5. oh you live in such a pretty place! How do all of these kitties find you? lol! I think you are right, word is out!!!! So wonderful that your friends will be moving in the house near you in the Spring, BONUS!! catchatwithcarenandcody

    1. I have no idea how all the cats found us. Sweet Pea must have spread the word!
      We are so lucky to have our good friend moving two doors down from us. We all get along so well.


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