"Peaceful, Easy Feeling"

We have spent a very relaxing week this past week. The usual errands and housework got done but we enjoyed not having to rush around and finish everything quickly.

All the usual visitors have been stopping by. It does surprise me how many cats are roaming the neighbourhood. We do live on a very quiet street so I guess everyone feels safe letting their cats out. I was so surprised the other evening when I looked out and saw Miss Kitty, the Siamese, who is not very friendly with other cats, eating so close to Punkin, the orange and white cat. 
Sweet Pea spends lots of time in the trees and under bushes trying to catch birds. I don't know that he is terribly successful, but he seems to enjoy himself.
The cat below is Olive. She wears a collar with tags so I know her actual name. Very skittish still which explains the terrible photo through the screen.
Snowball has gone from a cat who ran away from us to one who runs to us. She seems to love everyone. Big, heavy cat as I found out when I picked her up.
The poor squirrels are constantly looking out for the cats.
We went on a quick road trip down to Cobourg and Port Hope. It was a lovely warm day so we walked around downtown Port Hope. It has changed quite a bit in the last few years. Many empty stores and there was hardly anyone walking in the downtown. We found a great thrift shop and I found a fabulous blouse for $3.00!
Still lots of beautiful leaves on the trees.
The fog was just burning off.
It ended up being nearly 70 degrees that day.
We had a lovely day.
On our walk yesterday I found a whole plant of these. Some flower gone to seed. It is very soft like cat fur.
Our incredibly kind neighbour Merv gave me a huge bouquet of Annabelle Hydrangeas. I didn't have a vase big enough to hold them so I had to use this crock. He and I spent an enjoyable afternoon transplanting many perennials he dug from his gardens into our gardens. He has supplied many of the neighbours over the years with their garden plants.
He also gave me a large poinsettia with this trailing plant planted along side of it. He did tell me what it was but I have forgotten. It started flowering within a few days.
This is the scene quite often at the deck door. Little faces peering in. Snowball and Sweet Pea get along quite well. Maybe they are from the same house?
We have a wonderful Antique/Gift Store just a few blocks away called "Magnolia Cottage". They sells antiques, local soaps and candles, vintage clothing and so many other things. I spied this coat on their Facebook page. We stopped in a week ago and it fit perfectly. It is a Hudson's Bay coat (If you are Canadian you will know what it is) in perfect condition. It was only $45.00 so I am now the owner of this lovely coat. I had one for many years but it had been in such poor condition when I bought it, I only had it for 10-15 years. I am a little nervous to wear it as it is white. I tend to spill stuff on white clothing!

We have had a great month with Chuck being off work, but reality sets in on Monday as he is going back for a day and a half a week.

Have a good day!


  1. Such a wonderful post, such fabulous pictures, Robin.

    Olive is just the most gorgeous cat...wow. And look at Snowball -- Chuck must be another cat whisperer, like Connie's husband (foster Connie in Maine).

    I love the shot of the black squirrel peering up -- ha! That's a great pic with the old barn, too...but I do so love old barns.

    The hydrangeas look great in the crock and wow, look at the flowers on that plant! I have no idea what it is, but it loves your home.

    Great find on that coat, it's so pretty. Make friends with your local drycleaner! :-D

    1. Thanks Kim!
      Olive is very pretty but won't let me get close to her. Animals do always seem to be attracted to Chuck.
      I thought of you as I was taking the photo if the barn. I wanted to have a snoop around it!
      You are right, I will have to make friends with a dry cleaner. I can't even think if there is one here in Brighton. Better find one if I plan on wearing my new coat!

  2. This month has really started off warm. More like spring.
    I'm surprised so many cats are left to wander around.
    Seems like most people I know keep their cats inside.
    Lots of great photos.

    1. I don't understand either Karen why all these cats are left outside all day. I worry that one of them will get hit by a car or snatched by a coyote.
      I enjoy your photos too Karen!

  3. Isn't it weird to have temps in the 70's at this time of the year?
    About your lovely coat..... I wonder if Scotchguard would work to give some protection?
    So many cute kitties in your neighbourhood and they all come to visit you. How great is that!

    1. Good idea G.M. about the scotch guard. I will look for some next time I am shopping and see if it will work on a wool coat.
      I am enjoying having kitties visiting but I do wish there wasn't so many. I do worry about them.

  4. I love the photos too but worry about those cats. I don't understand people who just let their cats roam the neighborhood. It upsets and angers me. They can get hit by a car catchatwithcarenandcody

    1. Hi Caren,I do worry that the kitties will be hit by a car. Luckily our neighbourhood is very quiet with not much traffic. But saying that I wouldn't have my cat out.

  5. I love your new coat! Gorgeous! It reminds me of the eskimo coats my sister and I had when we were young (in Washington State). Ours were green. So cute!
    You are so nice to feed all those snacking cats!

    1. Hi Pom Pom, I love my new coat too! I tend to prefer vintage clothing. It seems to me to be better made and you can be unique!
      Yes they are snacking cats or as Chuck says mooching cats!

  6. I love the Hydrangeas and what a lovely coat, so snug for when it gets cold xx

    1. I do love hydrangeas too. They dry so wonderfully and it is lovely to have flowers all winter.
      I am looking forward to wearing my snugly new coat!


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