"Cold Feet"

We received about an inch of snow Sunday night into Monday morning. I woke up during the night and could see it was bright outside. I had left out a couple bowls of food in a protected spot on our deck. When I got up I went outside and saw footprints all over the deck. Judging by the size they were either Sweet Pea or Miss Kitty. Punkin and Snowball have huge feet. Olive only comes by in good weather. We do know where Olive lives as we saw her in a window at a house about a block away.
The squirrels were busy too. I tossed out some peanuts on the deck and the black and grey one came for a visit.
My Christmas (Thanksgiving?) cactus has a few blooms on it. Poor thing, I know they don't like being moved and this one has been moved a few times. I purchased it in Nova Scotia in early 2000, then moved it back to Ontario with us in early December 2004. It stayed put until September 2014 when we moved into our last house, then moved here this past August. It gets around!
Incredible sunset Sunday night. The sky looked like it was on fire.
I finally remembered to take a photo of this cute fence that we pass by on our walk. I want this fence!
This is one of our favourite homes in town. It is a simple, unadorned home. I really like the rounded window on the second floor. Many homes in this neighbourhood sport these windows. The house has no additions and I imagine it looks pretty much as it was when it was built over one hundred years ago. I would love to see it on the inside.
This home is very old. It was built in the 1860's. The aluminum siding is masking much of the original details. The front part is three steps lower than the rear part as the front was a shop for many years.

We are slowly learning more and more about our new town. We are history buffs so have purchased two books on the history of Brighton and our library has an extensive collection of historical books too.

Two blogs I enjoy reading are ending this week. One permanently and the other temporarily. I have enjoyed reading Sue's blog for many years and just recently found Jono. Sad to see them go!

I hope everyone has a good week.
Take care.


  1. It looks like you live in a really pretty area. That first photo of the paw is so cool! It is sad when some of our favourite blogs end. We make connections with other bloggers.

    1. We are very blessed to live in such a lovely area. I really had a choice when I took the photo of the cat's paw. Our deck was covered in them! I am sad to see the bloggers go but it is understandable.

  2. Brrr, cold feet indeed, for all critters!

    Your Christmas cactus looks wonderful! Such a pretty bloom on it.

    The sky shots are great, especially the second one.

    The first house is cute, isn't it? I wonder if it's been updated inside (electrical in particular, insulation, etc.) It would take a good chunk of change to do so if hasn't already been! It looks like it needs a bit of curb appeal, but maybe they have lots of plants and flowers in the spring and summer?

    As for the second house -- is it cut up into apartments or multiple units? It's the kind of rambling, added-on home that would be partitioned out for rentals here in my city.

    Too bad about the blogs, Robin, but yes, life takes people in other directions and time and interest can change.

    Have a good afternoon!

    1. I can't imagine any critters like to have cold, wet feet, poor things. We keep the deck cleared of snow so at least they can eat without having wet feet.
      The sky looked like it was on fire Sunday night. It was so lovely.
      I casually try to peek in the brick house when we walk by but I can't see much. It does have a new roof and appears well maintained. The simplicity of it appeals to me.
      The second house seems to be a single family home, not taken care of though. I assume originally the front section was the store downstairs and the living quarters upstairs and then the back portion was added latterly.
      Take care and talk soon!

  3. You always have the prettiest pictures. I thought for sure that first paw print was a bear's. :) Looks like your Christmas cactus doesn't mind all those moves. It is really pretty. Sounds like all the kitties in the neighborhood love you.

    1. Hi Henny, thanks for your nice words!
      The first paw print does look like a bear's. It was probably only about an inch across though! I don't know about the kitties loving us but they know where to come and get warm and a free meal.
      Have a good week!

  4. I like that fence too. : )
    Nice house. Would be nice to have a look inside.
    Beautiful sky.

    1. Hi Karen, I thought you would like that fence! ;)
      I would love to have a look in both houses. So many wonderful old house here in town.
      Take care!

  5. Incredible sunset photos! And I love the old houses you have in your town. And that fence with..what? Crows?

    1. Thanks G.M! I have the perfect spot to take sunset photos so that makes it so much easier.
      I think you are correct, it does look like crows on the fence. It goes all the way down the fence. What a large amount of time that must have taken!

  6. What fun to learn about the houses in your new town. Very interesting. Love the paw print picture. All the pictures were great. Have a great day.

  7. It's quite mild here for the time of year, certainly no snow. How wonderful that your town is full of so much history, history fascinates me xx

    1. Glad you are enjoying some mild weather. We woke up this morning to -10C. Brrrr!
      I love living in a town that has so much history and preserves it.


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