"Stray Cat's Strut"

Miss Kitty and those blue eyes! You may remember we had two Siamese cats while I was growing up so I do have a soft spot for them. Miss Kitty is still a daily visitor at our back door.
Yesterday was such a lovely day in more ways than one. The weather cooperated and was sunny and we spent the day with Kim. Great drive down (up?) with not much traffic. Snow was expected later in the day and we did have a few flakes but it didn't amount to anything.
Much of our snow melted over the last few days leaving the crunchy, dirty stuff.
The rock layers on the edge if the road fascinate me. There were many icicles on them and on the way back we saw a little creek running over some but I couldn't get a photo.
It did get cloudier the closer we got to Kim's.
 We arrived at Kim's at 10:00 and after exchanging gifts we headed out to do an errand. Then home to a scrumptious lunch. Kim always spoils us. After lunch we headed downtown to visit two vintage clothing stores and two record stores. Well, Kim and I hit the clothing stores while Chuck hit the record stores. All were within one block. I found a beautiful silk blouse while Kim got a fantastic deal on a Spring coat. We then drove over to an Antique Store we have visited before There Chuck found a record he has been looking for. So we all found a prize!
Kim two boy's Derry and Nicki were as sweet as ever. It was warm enough for them to go out in the backyard. Their arch enemy, Mr Squirrel was on the top of the fence teasing them.
Derry with Nicki in the background.
Derry wasn't too concerned but Nicki was following the squirrels progress along the fence.
Mid-afternoon we said Goodbye and headed home. A quick stop in Belleville for some Boxing Week bargains and a Home Depot stop then we were home.
Our squirrels were busy feasting on some sunflower seeds yesterday morning.
Looking chubby!
This is the last photo I have of Snowball, taken a couple weeks ago. We haven't seen her since. I don't know for sure if she was a stray. We have a problem with coyotes in our little town. We are just hoping she isn't a stray and her owners are keeping her inside now that it is Winter.
Miss Kitty is a stray. With the snow this morning I let her in. She ate a large bowl of food and then crashed on the carpet for an hour or so.
She is very sweet and purrs non-stop. I can't pick her up and she is very skittish. Loud noises frighten her too. She is obviously very street-wise to have lasted a few years as a stray.
After a time she wanted to go back outside so off she went.

I wish you all the best in the New Year. Thanks so much for dropping by!


  1. It's you and Chuck who spoil me, Robin, and you know it. I don't know what I did to deserve people like you in my life, but I consider myself deeply blessed.

    I'm glad we all found something yesterday, that was great! As I said, I never would have gone in to that store and found the coat but for you, as I've not been in there in the better part of 20 years. Maybe I ought to stop in once in a while.

    I'm pretty sure that Nicki would like to invite your squirrels over for a little "chat." You've been feeding them very well. :-D

    Poor Miss Kitty. She and the others are lucky to have you, as I'm sure I write in every one of your posts. LOL. Fingers crossed Snowball is okay, though.

    Take care, have a great afternoon/evening.

    1. Hi Kim, Chuck and I are just so glad that we met you and we all get along so well.
      Nicki I am sure would enjoy "chatting" to our squirrels. They are rather porky aren't they?
      It boggles my mind how careless people are with their cats in this neighbourhood. We have so much wildlife around here it is not safe for cats to roam. I pray for the kitties safety every day.
      Have a good evening!

  2. I sure hope Snowball is safe. Such a beautiful cat to be out roaming about. I can't believe how chubby your squirrels are. It's funny. You do take care of all the animals around you. Glad you had a nice visit with Kim.

    1. Hi Henny, we sure hope Snowball is safe too. I just wish people would put collars on their outdoor cats. So much easier to tell if they are owned.
      All the squirrels are very chubby this year. I feed them lots of peanuts so they do get
      lots of protein and fat.
      We had such a wonderful time at Kim's. I wish we lived closer ( we live an hour apart) but I am thankful it is close enough for us to be able to drive to her house.

  3. Hi Robin! I feel so sorry for strays. I also feel a little sorry for my Timothy - that he won't get to go outside. We have coyotes, too. I don't want to take any chances. I let him sit on the window sill and breathe fresh air. That'll have to do.
    I like that fat black squirrel.

    1. Hi Pom Pom,I feel terrible about the strays too. I am so glad Tomothy won't be going outside. He will get lots of fresh air through your open windows. Maybe he could go out on a leash and harness. We did that with one of our cats.
      The squirrels are adorable but many people do not care for them. They can be rather destructive! Their big, furry feet make me laugh.

  4. Miss Kitty is beautiful. I hope she finds warm places to stay when she isn't at your house.

    1. Hi Dee, we have a couple neighbours who have sheds so I am assuming she sleeps in one of those. Under our deck it is dry and out of the wind so she may go there too.

  5. You had a great day visiting Kim and you found treasures. How fun is that! I never know what I'm going to find at the thrift store but I usually find something that appeals to me. It does mean I have to be constantly ridding myself of other things because I don't like my house to look too cluttered.
    I went looking for some Boxing Day specials today but I think they were all gone because I didn't see any. Maybe if I'd have gone earlier in the week. Oh well, at least it meant I didn't spend any money.

    1. We always have such a great time with Kim. She is a joy to be with. I don't get to the thrift stores to often anymore. Our little town has two that are open only a few days a week. There are many thrift stores in the town Kim lives in.
      I am not a big Boxing Day shopper . I just needed a few calendars and I won't pay full price so I wait for Boxing Week!

  6. I always wonder where the stray cats sleep.We have one coming at the moment who fills right up each night and then wanders away who knows where. Like yours, he is very wary and we cant even open the door without him retreating.

    1. Hi Briony, I guess all we can do is make sure they have food and water. If yours, like ours has been a stray for awhile I imagine they have their sleeping spots.
      Take care.

  7. I too am fascinated by the layers of the rocks. We have some really great places here to see it.
    We are getting snow today. I'm waiting for it to let up a bit before I go walking. It's like a white out at the moment.

    1. Hi Karen, I imagine you do have great places to see rocks living where you do! Your area looks beautiful.
      Finally you are receiving some snow. We are supposed to get more tonight and tomorrow.
      Be careful walking and have a good weekend.

  8. We don't have strays around here, either, with coyotes. My cat loves the forest, but she's very aware of what is going on. She hears a noise & she's up a tree!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

    1. The strays don't stand a chance here with the coyotes. I imagine Miss Kitty is like your cat and runs if she hears a noise. She is a jumpy little thing.
      Happy New Year!


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