"A Quiet Place To Live"

I am enjoying these quiet days of winter. I also am enjoying Chuck's working only two days a week too! I am a morning person by nature but getting up a 5:30 on a winter morning is definitely harder then in the summer.
The sun has been shining at times over the last few days. I took this behind one of our local grocery stores. The store backs almost right onto Lake Ontario and I had been curious what the view was like behind the store. It was freezing early Saturday morning when I took this but so pretty. I am sure the guys unloading their trucks wondered what the heck I was doing!
On our walk we pass by a large piece of privately owned land that is fenced all around. The pine trees were planted in perfect straight rows at some point. It reminds me of the forests in Nova Scotia.
The predominant bird at our feeders these days are the junco's. That is the only thing I miss about our last home, we had a wider variety of birds there.
We received some snow over the weekend too.
It didn't amount to much, just enough to cover the grass.
Later in the day the sun peeked out.
Sunday we made a quick trip into Trenton.
Clouds hanging over the Lake.
Miss Kitty relaxing in her basket. I try to clean out her eyes but I am not entirely successful. I can touch her for so long and then no more. I can't pick her up as she is so skittish still but she is warming up. She let Chuck cuddle her yesterday but she still wants outside after awhile.
It snowed a bit yesterday too. Very light and powdery snow so easy to shovel.
I am very glad we have plants with some winter colour here. Anything to brighten up the days. How many more days until Spring??? Sixty nine or so, not too long!

Have a wonderful week!


  1. A quite place to live is precious.

    Lovely shots as always, Robin. I especially like the first, and the squirrel with the dusting of snow, and Miss Kitty of course. :-)

    It was bitterly cold here on the weekend too, but Sunday, with the sun shining, oh it felt glorious. It's really amazing at how much better we feel on a sunny day, even if it's cold.

    Take care and hunker down today, it's going to be pretty messy!

    1. Hi Kim, my poor camera is on it's last legs. I have my point and shot but it only has a five times zoom, not enough!
      The sun did feel so glorious. We went for a pretty long walk even though it was cold.
      The snow is coming down quite heavily now and Miss Kitty just came in for her snack. I had to wipe her off first!
      Be careful going home Kim!

  2. Miss Kitty has such pretty blue eyes. I am counting down the days to spring too. I keep saying to Poppy, "I'll take summer time any time"! He likes cooler weather. I love warm summer days. My daughter Lynn was looking at a Lava lamp when we were out shopping before Christmas. She has always liked them.

    1. I do have a soft spot for Siamese cats. I do think they are beautiful too!
      I don't mind the cooler temperatures but I hate the snow. I would happily take the temperatures you have in your part of the world Henny.
      I am enjoying Lynn's blog too by the way Henny!

  3. I'm a morning person too and I find it hard to get up on a cold winter's morning. So nice and cozy in bed. I don't get up as early as you though. My usual time is 6:15.
    Nice to see all your beautiful photos as always.

    1. It is so hard to get up early on these cold dark mornings. During the summer I am raring to go by 5:30. Although today it is above zero so should be a nice walk.
      Take care Karen!

  4. Before we had all this snow we had mainly Chickadees and Juncos at the feeder ( as well as the Hummingbirds) but now the Towhees and Varied Thrush are hungry enough to come eat suet ( which we have to put on the ground instead of in a hanging cage),various finches, Pine Siskins and a few mystery birds, possibly Fox Sparrows. I can spend so much time drinking tea and watching them.

    1. Sounds like you are getting a nice variety of birds visiting your feeders. I miss the cardinals, bluejays and mourning doves. Hopefully they will eventually come to the feeders. I hear them when I am outside. Possibly with the various cats we have visiting that might not happen!

  5. We found a quiet place to live, too!
    Our cat has the same issues.
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

    1. It looks very quiet where you live. Love seeing all your wildlife photos!

  6. We've lost a lot of the snow cover we had over the past few warmer days. Have you? Hope you are enjoying January!


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