"Nothing But Flowers"

With the cooler, rainy weather the Spring flowers have hung around a little longer this year.
We have enjoyed the sun for the last two days. It has been wonderful, but we have more rain coming for the weekend.
I have no idea what this is!
My dragonfly! He has been at three houses so far. I originally bought him here at a store in Brighton so he's come home.
Janice and Keith are slowly moving in the house two down from us.  The gardens at their new house have been neglected. They are not gardeners themselves so plan on pulling out some beds in the backyard that are overgrown. Amongst the plants was this little pot of hens and chicks. I rescued it before it was thrown in the garbage. I also rescued some lily of the valley, sedums, brown eyed susan's, lupins and something else I have no idea what it is.
This tulip popped up at the base of one of our trees. It has been very interesting to see what comes up in our gardens as this is our first Spring in this house.
My parent's had two large clumps of lily of the valley at my childhood home. Our first cat Linus loved to lay in them when we put him outside on his harness. He came in smelling just lovely.
I brought this clump of hens and chicks from our old home.
This is one of the tulips I planted last Fall. I have no recollection of what colours they all are!
The Rock. I can't remember if I have posted about this before. In our last home we redid the front gardens. I wanted some rocks for the garden so we went to a construction site and asked if we could take some rocks. They were more than happy to let us. This one weighs I can't even imagine what and measures a foot by a foot and a half. Between us Chuck and I managed to get it into the car and back out again at home. Well, in the ensuing two years Chuck's shoulder got worse and there was no way we could lift it. When we moved here a kind, younger friend offered to lift it and bring it. I couldn't leave my rock! So it is here now.
This I purchased here in Brighton when Kim came for a visit last year.
One of my childhood cats Sonya. She loved to sleep on top of this little T.V. Trouble was she would tip over and crash to the ground, often taking the T.V. with her. She never was hurt but you might have an unexpected intermission in your show!

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!
Take care.


  1. I love this post. It is fun to experience the first spring in a house where another gardener used to live!

  2. Cats did used to love to be on top of our old tv's! I suppose it was warm up there. And they figured they had found their own little 'heating pad.' But.... Wonder what harm came to them? It just doesn't seem goooood, to have their little bodies, on top of all those "things-which-made-a-tv-work".

    Oh what rescues you got from her overgrown back yard. I suppose they will just plant grass. But it is a shame, that she doesn't realize how self-sufficient are things like black eyed susan's and lily of the valley. Once planted, they thrive. Without any real help from us.

    Love your dragonfly! Love all dragonflies!!! :-)

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

  3. Lovely flowers, Robin! You know how happy flowers make me feel. :-)

    Sonya is cute there. Oh, I remember those tiny 14-inch TVs. At least ours was a b&w 14-inch one with rabbit ears of course, and sometimes a steel wool srubbie on the antenna to help with reception. (Did that ever really work???)

    Have a great day, see you in a few days!

  4. Happy Friday, Robin. You have so many pretty plants. I'm not sure but the one unknown plant with the "little bells" might be torenia ?? I love hen and chicks but do not currently have any here. How nice that a friend relocated your rock for you. For many years, we had a rock from my parents very first home (1947) and we moved it several times. Finally, we left it for the new owners. I love reading stories about your cats and seeing the pictures. Two of our current cats like sleeping on the warm cable box associated with our tv's. Wishing you a delightful weekend. By the way, I love the dragonfly...I have a few in my decor, too!

  5. this takes kitty TV to another level. MOL.. I really like your hens and chicks from your old home, the color and the photo. good you saved the others from the trash. I am with the new owners, no flower beds for me. I do have a dragon fly but he hangs in a bottle on a shelf in the kitchen. not as big as yours...

  6. Beautiful photos, and I love your dragonfly!

  7. Delightful to imagine a cat perfumed by Lily Of The Valley!

  8. Love seeing the springtime flowers there. Amazing what a few days of sunshine will bring to life. Hope the rainy weather passes by quickly, and that the sun returns again with its beautiful warm light. Enjoy the weekend.

  9. Everything's beautiful! That vintage TV photo is a blast!

  10. Your flowers are sure looking good. Nice that you are getting some of your friends plants from their yard.
    A friend gave me some Lily of the Valley last year and I am happy to see it coming up nicely this year.
    TV's sure have come a long way!!

  11. Your mystery plant looks like a Bergenia

  12. Gosh I haven't seen a TV like that for a while, memories! I have a dragonfly ornament in our garden too, so many lovely flowers xx

  13. My Lily of the Valley is becoming invasive and I'm going to have to dig some out. I waited years for it to spread but now it wants to take over. As does the wild bleeding heart. I have my work cut out for the next while. Very pretty Pansies!

  14. Oh I have so enjoyed this post...I don't know what my favorite part was. I love the flowers, and I pick up rocks where ever I come across them as long as I feel they were not put there to avoid erosion. Glad yours could come to your new home with you.

  15. I love your dragonfly and welcome sign, and I'm a sucker for rocks of all shapes and sizes. I just dug some lily of the valley as it can get very invasive. Good for you for rescuing some plants from your friends new home. Have a good weekend.

  16. I understand about leaving rocks behind!

  17. That is so funny about Linus lying in the lily of the valley. All the flower pictures are so pretty! I love your dragonfly! Sonya is so pretty. I bet she liked the warm TV.

  18. Sonya is so gorgeous! Smart kitty.
    The pansies are so deep and rich! Lovely!
    Have a great week, Robin.

  19. Beautiful! I am so glad you are getting to enjoy flowers and springtime! And yay for saving the hen and chicks. Love that plant. I need to get some and out in my little fenced-in garden.


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