"One And One Makes Two"

The Adventure of Kim and Robin Part Two! I meant to share a few photos from Wicklow Beach last time. The day Kim came, Tuesday, was sunny and warm. The beach seemed to place to be. Well for us anyway!
There were a few people down the way a bit but it was us and the sea gulls. (Terns?)
No big pieces of driftwood for me to drag home.
This poor Monarch definitely looked a little worse for wear. While Kim was having a little paddle in the Lake I crouched down beside it and it ran over to me. I held him on my finger for a minute or two and then put him down. Quite a feeling to hold a butterfly!
Wednesday morning dawned cloudy with the threat of rain. NOTHING was going to stop us! I wanted to show Kim the abandoned house Chuck and I discovered a few weeks ago. This time I wore proper shoes! No worries about ticks. We parked down a bit from the house and checked out the barn first. Obviously it is being used for storage now. There were no "No Trespassing" signs anywhere!
Sorry, a bit over exposed but I wanted you to see the inside. The barn is built into the side of a small hill.
This is the scene  looking to the right of the barn.
At the side. Love the rusting roof panels.
Around the back.
We climbed up onto a ridge overlooking the property. It was beautiful. It was rather windy and all you could hear was crickets. Grasshoppers hopped out of our way as we walked through the grass.
This was from the ridge looking down on the house.
My little car in the distance
Another entrance into the barn. It looked a little unsafe to venture in.
Around the other side of the barn.

We hopped back in the car and proceeded down to the house. I'd never been around back. When Chuck and I were there a few weeks ago I only had sandals on so couldn't go thru the grass. This I believe is the oldest part of the house built before 1899.
I could not figure out what kind of vehicle this chassis was from.
Standing by the creek looking back at the house.
A few layers of roof here!
Looking thru one of the windows. Someone many years ago had started to fix the house up and gave up.
I assume one of the original locks.
Peeking thru another window Kim spied this old pot.
Little shed right by the road.
The bridge over Cedar Creek which ran behind the house.
There are lace curtains in most of the windows. Someone cared about this house!
I wonder how many years ago this was painted?
We met a friendly dog and his Dad. The dog ran alongside the tractor after coming over to us.
I do love this barn!
As we came around the front I spotted this painted on the siding. Cedar Creek Cheese Factory! Looking online there isn't much information about it. Here is part of a couple paragraphs I found-

"The original building is believed to have been built before 1899 and later remodelled for the purpose of cheese making. Hydro was installed in 1930 and Sam and Margaret Hobbs purchased the factory in 1941."

I found a photograph in a newspaper from the 1990's. It showed a cheesemaker standing beside  a cheese making vat (now in a local museum)  and the article stated the vat  had been used at the Cedar Creek Cheese Factory until the late 1950's. Sadly I can't find out anything else but I want to go back and have another poke around!

Too many photos from the rest of our day to include here so there will be a part three!

Chuck and I are headed out on a road trip for a few days so I will talk to you on the weekend.
Take care!


  1. Robin;

    I know you and Kim had a great time; oh, happy thanksgiving by the way !! way awesome photo shoot this week, thanx for sharing....what a shame about the house; in its day I'm sure it was fantastic; just look at the design......too bad it never got the renovation :(


  2. How amazing that the butterfly came to you, what a precious moment that must have been. How sad to see that lovely house so neglected, once someone's happy home xx

  3. Your photos came out great, Robin, even through the dirty window. Well done! I didn't even give ticks a thought, I was more concerned about traps. LOL. My favourite part of walking around was being up on that ridge. With the wind blowing, and above the county road, farm fields on the side of us, I had such a sense of freedom. I could have stayed up there, walking for hours.

    I hope the butterfly passed peacefully, poor thing.

    Have a great time away; I can't wait to see your photos from the trip!

  4. Hello, love the beach scenes, butterfly and the gull. The barn is cool. Is that what would be called a ghost sign? Happy Monday, enjoy your new week! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  5. I am guessing that the butterfly's wings still needed to dry out from emerging from the crystallis. I would look up a local historian, to find out more about the cheese barn. You are quite the explorer!

  6. Looks like the place is being used to store the hay bales doesn't it. Bit spooky. lol

  7. The butterfly episode must have been amazing.
    The old barn is so interesting. I assume the house was locked up or the two of you would certainly have gone inside ( or is that going to be part 3?)

  8. I'll bet that was an impressive "house" once upon a time. I've not seen a barn like that before either. Looks like it could still be quite useful. The house? Not so much. Looks like it needs a LOT of repair. Great photos! I enjoyed the little tour.

  9. Beautiful photos, Robin! And how enchanting about the butterfly!

  10. Oh how I'd love to go for a drive and walk with you!

  11. I would love to see this barn and home in person. I love your pictures, especially the rusted door knob, the old pot and the lace curtains!

  12. Thank you for sharing the adventure, Robin. Some curiosity satisfied but many more questions unanswered. Like you, I am tick aware. Pulled three of them off my cat, Ellie Mae, this year.

  13. Just such a great excursion. I love that the butterfly came to you. What a wonderful occurrence! The photos are all fantastic, but I especially love the first of the little gull. Perfect!

  14. Places like this make me sad deep down in side, while at the same time I love them. You know at one time they were someone's pride and joy.. I loved your photos...


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