A New Phase

Cutie ( I know, rat with furry tail)

Today is Chuck's last day at work. Well, for the foreseeable future anyway. I know he has mixed feelings about the situation. Long story short, Chuck injured himself at work and was deemed no longer able to perform the tasks that were required of his job. He was put in a desk job and was slowly going crazy with boredom! He prefers to be working with his hands (and tools) so he found himself another job in house. He stayed there 3 years while we waited for his disability claim to be resolved. That took place last September and he stayed in his current job but under a 8 month contract. Casuals (contracts) can only work 90 working days a year in this job so he is done for this year. The shop wanted to keep him very much but there is a hiring freeze on right now. He can go back next January for another 90 day contract  which I am sure he will.

I know there will be a period of adjustment for us. Twice he has been off work for two months.Both of those times he had surgery and was recovering. I am accustomed to being by myself all day so that certainly will be different. We are a couple who do virtually everything together, but have some different hobbies which we do alone. We have been together 33 1/2 years so I guess you could say we are compatible! Chuck is much more sociable than I am so I know he will miss the guys at work. He plans on volunteering at our local Air Force Museum fixing the vintage aircraft as he is an aircraft electrician as well as an industrial electrician. I am just looking forward to the mundane things like NO MORE ALARM CLOCK AT 5:00 A.M.! Also no more lunch making.

Well, our plans for the next little while are to finish the kitchen and to continue with the makeover of the powder room. We took your advice Gill, from last year, when you were building your new home and put in a raised toilet. This is the washroom my Mom uses when she visits so I am sure she will appreciate it! I hope everyone enjoys their day.
Mourning Doves


  1. Good luck to you both as you adjust to Chuck being home. It's a great idea for him to volunteer doing something he loves, plus it will give him the social contact he likely needs for good mental health.

    I do like seeing critter pics, even common squirrels and mourning doves. When I pass birds I usually wish them "bright bird blessings" and I usually say it out loud. LOL. And I'll tell the squirrels not to get run over, that it's a good day to *live*. :-)

  2. Were you and I separated at birth? I often say hello to birds too and shush squirrels across the street if I see a car barrelling down on them. I imagine people wonder about me!

    Thank you for your kind wishes on Chuck's retirement. I imagine we will have a few rough spots but there is no one else I would rather spend my time with (well mostly:)) so we will be alright. Have a great day.

  3. I would LOVE dh to retire, but he is not even 57 yet, so he still has a ways to go. His knees are shot though with being an electrician for the past 40 years. My dh would be the same as yours bored to tears working out of an office. Tell Chuck to take a few weeks to unwind and relax.

    1. Thanks Gill. Chuck's knees are shot too along with his shoulder. Being an electrician is hard on the body! He's almost 55 but his shoulder is just gone. Too hard to work over his head anymore.

  4. My husband retired 2 years ago when we moved here. We sound a lot like you and Chuck. We are enjoying his retirement very much. : )
    Like the mourning doves.

  5. It sounds like you are enjoying retirement by your blog posts. You always seem busy.


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