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"Hello"   Hi everyone, or maybe that should be anyone! A friend ( Here you go Doug!) recently asked me about starting up my blog again. It has been on my mind to write a post for awhile. Just a little update of our life. My Mum is doing pretty good. She lives in a small apartment in a retirement community and loves it.  She turned 88 years old this year. She had a health scare a couple months ago. Sickest I have ever known her to be in all my life. We all were very worried but she pulled through. Still very crisp and loves to hear what we all are doing.  Chuck still continues to work full time as an electrician. 62 this year so his time at work is ending soon. As it stands right now he will retire in August of next year. I am fine, still enjoying our new life. Right now gardening, baking, reading and taking care of the different cats takes up most of my days.  We are incredibly blessed to live in a wonderful neighbourhood where we all know each other.  A few elderly neighbour

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