Another beautiful day.

What a lovely day! The sun is shining,the birds are singing and it's Friday.

We have a number of large very old trees surrounding our house. Which means we have lots of squirrels. I put a variety of food out everyday for the birds but the squirrels usually grab the peanuts before any birds can get them.

I spent the morning baking again to stock up for us not having a kitchen for 2 weeks. I made 3 loaves of bread and a cake which is cooking now. All I have baked this week should last us for the duration. Hopefully!

We may actually get out of the house this weekend for awhile. Chuck has finished the wiring and drywalling. He just needs to put a couple of shut-off valves on the kitchen sink. The fun comes on Sunday when we have to clear out the remaining cabinets and store it all somewhere.

The picture below obviously is my bread. It is rather warm here today so it rose unevenly. It still tastes great though.

I hope you all enjoy your day.



  1. those loaves look so good. Well done on getting organized.

    1. Thanks Gill! It was no fun today in the heat. We hit 28 degrees this afternoon. Looking forward to the cooler weather next week.

  2. I baked a loaf of bread today too. : ) I use my bread machine to make the dough and then bake it in the oven. Your loaves look delicious.
    I don't see any black squirrels where I live now but at the old house I used to see quite a few.

    1. We are over run with black squirrels here. Lots of chipmunks too.

  3. Okay.

    1. Feel free to cook/bake for me anytime. Do you need a taste-tester? You know, for quality control?
    2. I want to live somewhere that allows me to take great critter pics every day! :-)

  4. I would love to bake for you. It is just my husband and I so we always have plenty. I love to bake everyday if I can so our freezer is full!


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