A drive down memory lane

Friday was such a sunny, lovely day we decided to take our old car out for a drive. It is a 1972 Maverick with a 302 V8. We have owned it for 5 years now and we just love it. When we were dating and first married we owned one. Chuck and I both learned how to drive in Mavericks. His parents had a yellow one very similar to this one and my parents had a green one.
It is all original and has 16,000 miles on it. It came up from California but first lived in Arizona.
Chuck insisted I put this picture in the post too. I so love my picture taken!;)
As we were backing out of the driveway this flicker was sitting there eating. They are so beautiful.

A very busy day today. I will post all about it Monday. Take care.



  1. The car is great! Does "she" have a name? We always named our vehicles when I was a kid, and all our cars were 1964 somethings. Nicest we ever had was Ina, the '64 Buick Wildcat. That back seat was a couch! LOL.

    Now that we've seen a couple of pics of you (well, one your reflection), you can tell Chuck it's his turn to pose face-forward. And if he doesn't want to, well, then you ought not to have to. LOL.

    I've never seen a flicker here. Actually, I've never seen one, period, though they must be around here too. Maybe in the more wooded areas? Love that bit of red on the head!

    1. We just call the car"The Wreck" When we got the car it needed a number of parts replaced. It seemed every other day UPS was delivering some car parts. Everything was 40 years old (wiper blades,gas cap,flashers,etc) but we think we are all done now!
      Chucks photo is coming shortly!
      We seem to have a lot of flickers here. I pretty well see one everyday.
      Hope you are having a good weekend.

  2. NICE car and so nice to see a picture of you. : )
    I learned to drive on a 65 Bonneville!! Those were some big cars!!

    1. Thanks Karen.
      Bonnevilles are very large cars. I do love all those old cars.
      Enjoy your Sunday!

  3. what a wonderful classic car, love it!


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