A Quiet Day

 A quiet day yesterday. Just a few errands to do and then home by lunchtime. We passed by this lake called Tremur Lake on the outskirts of Trenton. Beautiful lake but they are starting to build houses all around it. I don't know what that will do to all the wildlife that call this area home. Nothing good, I imagine.
 This is a corn field a few blocks from our house. You can just see the corn is barely up. Can't wait for corn season!
 Here is the Sad Stone House from the road. Across the street from it a new neighbourhood is being built. All new sewer and water lines are being put in so it is a mess all around the house.
 Look who's back! He(she?) showed up yesterday and seems to be staying for awhile. I wonder how long they survive. They are so brightly coloured a hawk would easily see them.
Today Chuck is starting to paint the walls in the kitchen. I will be glad to see the last of the peach paint!

Cool and rainy here today but the weekend is supposed to be sunny. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.


  1. There's so much development! I've been here 19 years now (as of July 2) and so much green space has been lost to ugly housing developments, with so many more in the works. Makes me long for some wide open space -- or at least a large lot!

    That stone house does look rather forlorn there. If it eventually ends up being torn down, at least it would be great if someone could repurpose as much as possible, salvage and reuse.

    The squirrel is a cutie, very pretty in colouring. Definitely a target for a bird of prey, though.

    Take care and have a good afternoon!

    1. We first moved to Trenton in 1986. The town is so different now than it was then. The very house I am typing this in was not here as was this whole neighbourhood. I don't know who is buying all these new houses but I guess the builder's feel there is a need for them.
      The squirrel is adorable.
      Enjoy your afternoon too, Kim. Snuggle your boys for me!

  2. Too bad about the lake, it is so pretty. I bet the people who will live along it will love it though.
    Hope the painting went well.
    I wouldn't think a white squirrel would last that long either.

    1. The houses are very beautiful around the lake. At least non-owners still have some access to the lake. The painting is going well. Chuck is edging at this moment.

  3. poured down all day here as well. Got caught up with some reading........

    1. We seem to be done with the rain for now although I hear they have changed the forecast for tomorrow and it is to rain again!


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