Brenda from "Cozy Little House" raised an interesting topic a couple of days ago on her blog. She was asking her readers what kind of relationship we have (or had) with our children. Sadly, Brenda does not have a  good relationship with one of her daughters. Having no children I can't relate to that particular relationship. I feel very fortunate that my Mum and I are very close. I have one brother and one sister both older. My sister and I are close and we enjoy spending time together. My brother and I, not so much. I am saddened by this. It was not always like this. Growing up we were very close. We are each three years apart in age, my brother being the middle child. The picture above was taken in, I think, March of 1967 judging by the pajama's. My brother and I were always early birds, up before anyone else. We would sit in front of the furnace grate in the living room and talk quietly until my parents got up. My parents would joke with us and ask us what we were talking about. We did this for a number of years. Now we go months without talking. My Mom lives with my brother so we each keep up on the others life through my Mum. After my Mum is gone I am sure our relationship will deteriorate even more. We have very different lifestyles which adds to it too.
On a happier note here is Butterscotch enjoying her sunflower seeds a few days ago.
Cloudy and spitting rain here today so this afternoon it is time for some inside jobs.
Take care and enjoy the rest of your day.



  1. There's a quote from Richard Bach, going back quite some years now, that always stuck with me: "The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life." --Richard Bach

    Not having siblings, and not having a warm, fuzzy parental upbringing (though I have a good relationship with both parents as an adult), I "got" this quote from the get-go. Biological ties aren't enough and certainly don't provide a guarantee of support, closeness, etc.

  2. So true Kim. I have felt as close to some friends over the years as to my biological family.
    I do wish my brother and I were closer but I don't think it is to be.
    I am blessed to have other men in my life I am close to so that makes in a bit easier.
    Now Kim take a well deserved rest!

  3. I'm an only child so no siblings for me but I never minded being an only child though.
    I was very close with my dad. My mom not so close. I always feel that I am not the daughter she wished she had.
    I have a son who I'm close with but my daughter disowned Ken and I a few years ago and wants nothing to do with us.

    I have some close friends and have a wonderful church 'family.'

    1. I'm sorry you have no contact with your daughter. It must be very hard.
      I think some of us (me included) go through life trying to please our parents. My Mom is coming for a visit on Sunday for a week and I am running around cleaning everything in sight when logically I know she probably will not notice! My Mom did not have a very good relationship with her Mom so I am happy we are so close. She is the only parent Chuck and I have left.
      I am glad you have a wonderful church family.
      Take care and have a nice weekend.

  4. families are funny things and I don't think any family is a perfect family, we all have oddities and trials with them. I have two younger brothers. When growing up my youngest brother and I fought like cat and dog; we now get on like a house on fire. Meanwhile the older of my two brother's I talk to when I have to. They live in England and I live in Canada, so that doesn't help the situation. Mind you if we lived back in Britain I probably still wouldn't have too much to do with him and his family, as I dislike his wife? It is what it is I guess.

    1. So true Gill. My brothers wife and I do not get along either so that does not help the situation.


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