Crazy Saturday (Lots of photos)

What a busy Saturday we had!  We woke up very early and decided to collect some rocks from the construction site at the end of our street for underneath our pine tree. This pine tree originally went right to the ground but we decided to cut some lower limbs off so air can circulate better under the tree. It looks better and is better for the tree. It looked very bare so rocks seemed like a good solution. Rocks are heavy! Our poor little car was very weighed down. It took two trips to acquire these ones. We then plan on planting some hostas in between the rocks. Our soil here is extremely rocky and about a foot down you hit solid rock. We can hear the construction guys breaking the rocks up all day. They have a couple of small mountains of rock already and they are just starting to clear the land.
We were done rock picking by 8:00a.m. so we decided to go strawberry picking at Brambleberry Farms. This is the road leading up to the farm.
This photo shows a beautiful old mill that is for sale. In the past it had been a Tea Room and Gift Shop but it looks like it has fallen on hard times. I must check and see what the asking price is.
Here we are at the strawberry patch. Chuck is picking right in front of our car. It was pretty quiet when we first started but within 1/2 an hour several more people showed up. There is also in season pick your own raspberries, blueberries, apples and various vegetables. We will be visiting the farm quite often over the summer!
This is the pond right across from the strawberry patch. The whole time we were picking we could hear the bullfrogs croaking.
Here are the strawberries we picked. Two very full 4 quart baskets. I froze one basket and we are eating the other one fresh.
Chuck being silly!
This farm looked so lovely I just wanted to share it. We arrived home about 9:30a.m. and thought we better not put off cleaning the eaves troughs any longer. The maple keys were sprouting up there!
A neighbour lent us a very tall ladder and up Chuck went. He would fill the bucket with keys and then meet me about halfway down the ladder. I would dump the bucket and take it back up to him. That took us about 1 1/2 hours. At that time we decided to take a much needed lunch break. After lunch we scrubbed the outside of the eaves troughs and then called it quits. We were pooped!
Partway thru our friend Janice stopped by for a visit. This is her dog Griffy. He's very shy but sweet.
Today we had a few errands to do and Chuck has made a start on the powder room with the hope of it being done by Sunday. Which just happens to be the day my Mom is coming for a visit.

I hope everyone is enjoying their day. Take care.



  1. Oh how cool it would be to be able to buy and make a home out of that old mill.
    The strawberries look delicious!
    We have rocks all over the place up at HT. Still haven't used the rock crusher. Ken needs to get a part that hooks up to the rock crusher and the tractor to make it run.

    1. The mill was beautiful.
      The strawberries are very good. A bit on the small side but so sweet.
      The construction company has a huge rock crusher. I thought of you when I saw it.

  2. Yum to those fresh strawberries! And it's nice to see a face shot of Chuck. LOL.

    Oh, I could live in that farmhouse....BTW, your tree, is that not a blue spruce? Looks like to me. We had a huge one on the front lawn of the old Gaspe house, and there are a few on properties in our greater neighbourhood. Actually, one homeowner recently has theirs cut down (sob!) as it was blocking all light into the front of the house. They landscaped and now the house is up for sale.

    Griffy's a cutie!

    Anyway, love all the pics, am trying to catch up, but oh, it was a long Monday with the start of our conference. Tomorrow afternoon it will all be over!

  3. I thought of you today Kim and the conference.
    We have been enjoying the strawberries very much.
    I believe the tree is a blue spruce. Wait I just got an update from Chuck.The former owner told Chuck it is an Austrian Pine. I will look it up but who knows for sure. It was not looking too healthy but we did not want to cut it down. We hope by trimming off the lower branches we have given it a longer life span. We have many trees all around the house that keep the house cool all summer. They do shade the house but we can always turn on a light!
    Take care and talk soon. Robin

  4. Wow, you've been busy, I love days when we get lots done. The old mill is gorgeous xx

    1. I do too. Lots of jobs were crossed off the list! I could have stood at the old mill and taken some many photos, it was so beautiful.


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