Getting ready for Mom!

 Here is Chuck doing his bit to get ready for Mom's visit, mowing the weeds, errrr...grass I mean! Our lot is 85 by 105. To have a lawn service come and feed and fertilize the whole yard would cost so much so Chuck and I fertilize the front yard only and it stays nice. We have a sprinkler system so the whole yard does stay green, just rather weedy in the side and back yards. Oh well more for the rabbits to eat!
 This is the pedestal sink for the powder room. We are having a bit of a problem figuring out how to make sure the plumbing fits properly and not leak. The pedestal cut-out for the plumbing is very small. Sorry about the bleary picture. I took 6 and this was the best. Don't you love the 70's panelling? This is down in the basement in Chuck's computer room. Chuck think's he may have a solution on how to plumb it. Hopefully as I love this sink!
 This is the towel ring and paper holder we chose. Everything is in brushed nickel.
 Obviously here is the light. We don't like to see the bare bulbs in light fixtures so we tend to have fixtures that face upwards.
 I picked out this mirror first, then everything else to match it.
 And lastly here is the faucet. Hopefully everything should be installed by tomorrow night. Chuck is painting the walls right now.
This is the guest room my Mom uses when she is here. I gave it a tidy and washed all the sheets and blankets and hung them outside so they smell great. The curtains are not that yellow. They are a cream colour.

That is our exciting day here today. It is a gorgeous day today but the weekend is supposed to be wet and windy. I hope you all have a good weekend and can do something you enjoy. Take care.



  1. Everything is coming along nicely! Love all your fixtures, the pedestal and sink, etc. Fingers crossed for the installation. :-)

    Have a wonderful visit with your mom; take care.

    1. Thanks Kim! We hit a snag with the pedestal sink. There was no way to make it work. So back it went to the store and we purchased one that has more room in the back to accommodate the plumbing. More expensive of course;)
      Thanks for the good wishes concerning my Mom's visit. Have a great weekend!

  2. We had that exact sink in my old house!!
    The guest room for your mom looks beautiful. She will love it, I'm sure.

    1. Smart minds think alike! But as you can see in the reply to Kim above it would not work.
      Thank you for your kind words concerning the guest room. We have owned the antique bedroom set for over 25 years now. It is a little scratched and banged up from moving 5 times but we love it.
      Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Love the pedestal sink, looks like you and chuck are going to be very busy. have a lovely weekend with your mum.

    1. Hi Summer, yes Chuck and I are very busy today. I will post some pictures when it is all done!
      Have a great weekend too.


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