How we spent our Wednesday

 It was a rainy, humid day yesterday so Chuck decided to start on the kitchen ceiling. It seemed to take longer to wrestle the sheets in place to cover everything than it did to paint. The first coat took alot longer to put on then the second coat. There was some interesting language going on so I took myself outside and picked out 10,000 (slight exaggeration) maple keys out of the gardens.
 Two hours and a brief rain shower later here is how the gardens looked.
 The grass has turned so green with all the rain we have had in the last two weeks.
This little guy (girl?) showed up on the back deck to eat the maple keys. He seemed very tame but we shooshed him away as I know how destructive they can be. We had many of them on our property when we lived in Nova Scotia. They chewed right through a garbage can lid (plastic) and destroyed it.

Chuck's cousin Chaya is very ill at the moment and is in the hospital. It does not look very good for her so if I might ask for everyone to send good thoughts and prayers for her I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Have a great evening and take care.



  1. All our purrs and purrayers to Chaya, for the very best outcome for her.

    Your little squirrel is a lot cuter than our Mr. Squirrel, that's for sure.

    And painting, such fun. :-) It'll all look awesome when done!

  2. Thanks Kim. As of late last night it did not look like a good outcome for Chaya. Stomach cancer spreading to her lungs. I imagine keeping her "comfortable" will be the course of action.
    The little squirrel is very cute!
    Chuck is painting trim as I type this so we are progressing. Take care.


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