Memories of wonderful women

 Deb over at "Just Cats" blog recently talked about a tea cup she would drink tea out of at her grandmothers. The description of the cup sounded alot like this teacup I have, except for the colour.I received this tea cup from my Grandmother on my Dad's side. It was only used for special occasions.When my Grandparents left the farm and moved to a small apartment each Grandchild was given one item from the house. I was so pleased to be given this tea cup! I can still see it sitting in my Grandmother's china cabinet.
 This is a little gravy boat from my Mom's china cabinet. When my parents got married my Mom bought a few pieces of this china called Carlton Ware. I've always loved it. When my Mom moved in with my brother she gave it to me. I remember as a child very carefully pouring gravy from it.

 This cheese keeper is from my Great Grandparents on my Mums side. My Great Grandfather and Great Uncles had a dairy in Napanee, Ontario called "Holmes Dairy" My Mum remembers the cows and visiting the dairy. The dairy has been torn down but we have visited the house which has since gone out of the family. This cheese keeper was my Great Grandmothers favourite.
 This bowl was my Grandmothers on my Mum's side. My Mum remembers her Mum telling her she bought it just after she and my Grandfather were married so it is from the early 1930's. I do remember my Grandmother using it for mixing up pie crust.
This chicken is from my Great Aunt Katie on my Dad's side. She never married and lived on the farm with another sister and brother who did not marry. She raised chickens for 50+ years and just loved them.

None of these items are worth alot of money but I would not trade them for anything. I have these items  in a old pine cupboard in the kitchen and see them all day. I think of these women everyday and how they lived in their homes and used these items.

Another rainy, cool day but I do want to go out and weed the garden. All this rain has made everything grow including the weeds!

Take care and have a wonderful day.


  1. Those are lovely items of remembrance, but of course those memories are in your mind and heart, not the objects themselves.

    I have a few items from Dad's childhood, a cup and saucer from my mom's mom (who died shortly after I was born), and a couple of other things, but by and large I'm not a sentimental person and don't have or want a lot of "things" from family members. Perhaps if I had family/children to pass those items on to I'd feel differently. :-)

    1. I'm Glad you have a few things Kim. I'm terribly sentimental so I seem to inherit these items. We don't have any children either so I have no idea what will happen to everything. Probably all will be dumped at Goodwill!

  2. They are indeed special treasure and are priceless.

  3. all are lovely and all are priceless as far as memories are concerned. However you may be quite surprised to see how much money a couple of those things are actually worth.

    1. Thanks Gill. I wouldn't think that they are worth too much! 😃


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