No Strawberries (Photo heavy post, be warned!)

 The sky was so beautiful this morning at 6:00 so I just had to take a photo. I phoned the Pick your Own patch at 7:30 about picking conditions but was told so many people came to pick strawberries yesterday they were picked clean. Hopefully tomorrow or Saturday they will reopen.
 So we did a quick trip to My Favourite Garden Centre again to pick up two hostas. I discovered this waterfall I have never seen before. No koi in this part but it was still pretty.
 There also was this mushroom fountain situated in the garden. A little strange looking. The water spurted out the top of the mushroom. Hhhhhmmmmm..... I don't know if I would put it in my garden!
 After dropping off the hostas at home we headed out to a couple of antique stores about 10 minutes away from our house. I really liked this pitcher and bowl set. I have a washstand from the 1890's in our bedroom. It has a pitcher and bowl set on it already but they are not matching. I purchased the washstand from a family member of the first owner  and only the bowl is original to it , the pitcher being purchased about 20 years ago after the original one broke. Sorry the photos are rather blurry.
 This highchair/rocking chair was very interesting. I have a spot in my kitchen that needs something like this to fill it!
 I assume this stroller was for dolls. It is actually quite small and I can not imagine a child being able to fit in it.
 I loved this picture of the kittens. Sorry for the weird reflections. There were a couple of neon signs behind me.
 This bike was great! And a great price too if I remember correctly. I think it was something like $1200.00.
 Did anyone else have one of these hockey games? I spent many hours sitting on the living room floor playing this with my brother Bob. They seemed indestructible.

We spent a few hours this afternoon planting the hostas and cleaning the gardens. This was the first day in three weeks that Chuck did not paint something! Oh wait, yes he did! He took down the house numbers and painted them black to match the lights, railings and mailbox.

I got a phone call from our tilers. They are coming in early July to put on the tile for the backsplash in the kitchen. Sooooo, a few more weeks and it all should be done!

Well, I must go and get the wash in off the clothesline and think about something for supper. I hope everyone has a good evening (or good nights sleep depending on where you are) and take care.



  1. I actually kind of like the mushroom fountain -- it's different, all right. I like mushrooms/fungi, though. :-)

    Of the antique shop finds, I like the stroller and bike the best! I never had one of those hockey games, but I did play with them at friends' houses.

    I hope you have a good evening too. Lovely right now, here. And for the past hour, peaceful. Nice!

    1. The mushroom fountain is different!
      The stroller was lovely. I always try and imagine where I would put things in our house. We have a guest bedroom with all antique furniture in it and it would look great there.
      We are having a quiet evening here too. It is beautiful out now. Butterscotch has been at the feeders for the past three hours so I have lots of great photos of her.
      Talk soon Kim.

  2. I love the mushroom's but not as a fountain, just as a garden sculpture.

    1. I forgot to mention in my post that the mushrooms were 2,3 and 4 feet high. I wouldn't mind them as a sculpture.

  3. love the kitty picture and I want that red bike :) lol

    1. Me too! Imagine riding a single speed bike now. We have a lot of hills here so you would get quite a workout!

  4. I love looking around antique stores. Love the old high chair and doll stroller.
    Didn't own one of those hockey games but have played it.
    I remember old bicycles like that and in fact had a girls one. My first bike was a used blue one and cost $35. : )

    1. The bicycle is great but what a price!
      I could spend hours in antique shops. Blame my parents. They were both antique nuts and we spent every Sunday from May to October driving to various antique shops and shows.


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