Rainy Day

 The rain started late last night and lasted until about 2:00 this afternoon. We still needed the rain so I was glad to hear it.
We went to Belleville on Saturday to pick up our outside lights we had ordered. We stopped again at Reid's Dairy to see how much the goslings had grown. They had grown quite a bit and looked very adorable. I didn't want to get too close to them and anger the parents.
I love how the turtles and ducks sit together on this dock in the pond. There also was quite a few turtles swimming around in the pond too.
 It was sunny and not too warm yesterday when Chuck was putting up the lights. As usual the screws that came with the lights were nowhere near long enough to hold the lights up so off to Canadian Tire we went to find the proper size. We eventually got them up and they look wonderful.
Just a day mostly at home today. After a few errands in town we came home and finally set up a T.V room in the basement. We have a three level house with a family room on the main floor. We did not rush to set up the T.V. room in the basement but with the hotter weather coming now it will be cooler to watch T.V in the basement.

It looks like a rather rainy week so we will concentrate on indoor jobs. I hope everyone has a good week. Take care.



  1. I love seeing all the turtles! I don't get to see turtles very often, so what a great sight.

    The goslings are still cute. The ducklings I saw at Lake Ontario Park on Sunday weren't babies anymore, more like teenagers. I have snapshots, will post whenever. :-)

    As for the hardware that comes with any product--is it ever the right size?

    1. I love turtles too. Our old neighbours had one which lived all winter under their front porch. I was always worried it would pop out just when I was going up the steps!
      I am surprised when you do actually get all the hardware with a product. We put together a futon today that came with extra nuts and bolts so no trip to Crappy Tire needed.
      Have a good evening, Kim.

  2. We have our son on video back in the 90's having a hissy fit in St. Jacobs as he wanted to take a turtle home with him from the river...........of course I was the bad person as I said no.....

    1. They are really cute so I can see why he would want to take one home!

  3. Love how the turtles and ducks are gathered together. : )

    1. I do too. It is not a huge pond so I guess they have learned to all get along!


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