Short and Sweet Saturday

As we were driving home from doing errands this morning Chuck and I noticed the unusual clouds over Lake Ontario.
In these two photos we are driving over The Veterans Skyway Bridge heading towards downtown Trenton. It was looking rather ominous!
In the photo below we are driving through downtown. The clouds already seemed to be dissipating.
By the time we got home the clouds were pretty well gone.
I spent an hour this morning weeding the gardens. It was very buggy! All the plants are filling in quite well. I am very pleased with how the garden looks. We had lived in our previous house 10 years and I hated to leave the gardens but these gardens more than make up for it.
I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.
Take care and talk soon!


  1. Funky! Really neat cloud formations, I wonder what they're called.

    I remember that view (generally) of downtown Trenton. :-)

    You're garden is looking good! That's the one and only thing I'll miss here if/when I ever move.

    1. It was one long cloud bank but I could not get it all in one photo.
      I thought you might remember the downtown. It overall has not changed very much.
      Your gardens are so pretty Kim. Your hostas are gorgeous. You have the added bonus of two beautiful cats in them too:^)
      Hope you are having a nice weekend!


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