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Iris's in the front garden. They are in the shade so are just blooming now.
 Not a terribly busy day today. This morning we had a junk removal company come and take away everything we gutted from the powder room and some other assorted junk. The garage is finally cleaned up with all the renovation materials gone.
Toby coming for a visit while I was gardening.
I planted a large hosta in the side garden where I had ripped out all the overgrown lily-of-the-valley. Now that garden is finished. We have a very large pine tree in the front yard that goes right to the ground. We are thinking of trimming it up a bit and planting some hosta's underneath it. A neighbour has done the same thing and it looks quite nice.

We had a surprise visitor this morning too. A man came to the door introduced himself as Bob, the son of the woman we bought the house from. (She is 91 years old in a nursing home now) Very nice man so we invited him in and gave him a tour. He was so pleased to see how we have renovated the house. He had some stories about his Mom and his sister(she lives across the street from us, he was visiting her) and general stories about Trenton. He lives in New Brunswick where he is enjoying retirement.
Sad Stone House
Now an update on the Sad Stone House I wrote about awhile back. It was owned for a long period of time by a family who had a large business in town. There were stables and lots of horses on a large parcel of land. My friend Janice rode horses there with some of the daughters which there were seven of. Everyone left home, the parents died, the business was sold and then the house was sold. Another local business bought it with the intent to move their business to the house. They started renovations and it was discovered that the foundation was not good and needed a total replacement. The house is inhabitable and a legal battle is on now with the current and former owners and the real estate company. It is not expected to be resolved for a few years yet. Janice and I will go back to the house and get more pictures when her poor back is better!

Well I should go see how Chuck is making out with the plumbing in the kitchen. I might have running water tonight. Cross your fingers!


  1. It sounds like you had a good and productive day! There's nothing like getting things cleaned up and all the mess cleared away--feels awesome.

    The visit with Bob must have been neat! I love that he came knocking and that he got a tour. He can tell his mom all about the care you're taking with her house. Does the sister visit too?

    Thanks for the update on the stone house. I guess it's up in the air, what will happen to it, whether it's renovated in the end or torn down, or maybe left to decay. I do hope it will have light and laughter again!

    1. It was a busy day,as is today!
      Bob's sister is my friend Janice so she is here all the time. Bob did tell their Mom that we are taking good care of her house.
      I hope the stone house will be lived in again too. Have a great weekend!

  2. What a beautiful iris. The people who owned our house before us have been back for a tour of their old house too. They have since moved back in the area.

    Interesting story of the stone house. Thanks for the update.

    1. I love irises. We have a few clumps around the house. It was so interesting to see what would come up in the gardens this first spring we are here. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. changed my mind now, don't want the house....LOL


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