A Trip to Campbell's Orchards

One of the greeters
 Saturday was such a nice day here I thought I would take Mum out for a drive and an ice cream. We are very blessed to live on the Bay of Quinte which provides us with beautiful scenery. We have a road that runs parallel to the Bay that is very beautiful. There are farms, business's  and regular homes along it. Campbell's Orchards has been there since 1969. When we first moved here in 1986 it was a small farm stand where you could purchase fruit and vegetables, their specialty being apples. About 15 years ago they built a beautiful store and started selling many other things.
 The baked goods are all handmade right in the store. The smell is heavenly when you walk in!
 I love these gardening hats. The ones hanging up looked like Amish hats. The little plant merry-go-round is cute too.

 They also have a few animals. Sorry the photo is blurry but they kept moving around!
 These two were very cooperative and posed very nicely for me.
 There were a number of carvings around the store. I believe the middle one is a cat.
 They were just getting ready to plant out some more vegetables.
 The hollyhocks were so pretty and just starting to bloom.
 This little guy was hilarious. My Mum and I got an ice cream and we went and sat down at a little table and chairs that were placed off to the side of the store. The cat saw us there and ran over and threw himself up on my lap. He then spent the next ten minutes love pawing and purring. I have not had a cat on my lap since our last one passed away at the end of March. It felt wonderful! I was trying not to cry  and embarrass myself. A number of people came over and commented on him sitting on my lap. Then the store owner spotted him and whisked him off my lap. I said I didn't mind the cat being there but the owner said "Maybe you don't mind but the next person might" Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.
I found these baskets the other day and thought they were perfect for the bathroom . I also bought three pictures which Chuck will put up when he gets a chance.

Today the tilers are here putting in the backsplash in the kitchen. Then it will be done. We had a painter in to paint the hallway/stairwell ceiling and the family room ceiling. Chuck at this moment is painting the family room walls. The end is in sight!

This is a long post so if you are still with me Thank you!

I hope everyone has a lovely day. Very hot and humid today but it is supposed to storm this afternoon and break up the humidity. I hope so. Take care.

I apologize for how the blog looks. I am trying some new things and I'm just winging it! If you knew how little I really know about computers you would laugh!


  1. I love the cat greeter, what a cutie, and obviously very welcoming and effusive with his greeting. :-)

    I also love that plant stand, I've not ever seen one like it. Really neat.

    Those baskets for the powder room fit perfectly. HomeSense? Can. Tire? Wherever you got them, they're nice. I have to work hard to control myself when it comes to baskets. My philosophy has been that there's no such thing as too many wicker (rattan, etc.) baskets, but um, that's not the case. LOL.

    1. Hi Kim, the cat was one of two greeters. The other was an old lab named Sophie. She has been there probably a dozen years. She got the last of my Mum's ice-cream. My Mum is a softie too when it comes to animals.
      They also had some other plant stands too, that were equally nice.
      I got the baskets at Michaels. All baskets were 40% off. I love baskets too! I think I have them in every room. I am tempered by Chuck though as I would have more! Have a nice evening.

  2. what a lovely place to visit. It is my kind of a shop for sure! I didn't know you in March so I am so sorry about your kitty.
    Loved the basket in your bathroom! http://www.catchatwithcarenandcody.com

    1. Thanks Caren, I think about our cats everyday.
      I love the shop too!
      The baskets are just the thing we needed in the powder room. Originally the sink was in a cabinet but we wanted to change the look of the bathroom.

  3. What a delightful shop to spend some time in with your mum and to top it all off with ice cream, why the day sounds just perfect. : )
    I'm a basket lover too and they great sitting there in your powder room.

    1. It was a lovely afternoon, Karen. We all are ice cream lovers just like you and Ken!
      Thank you for the compliment on the baskets in the powder room. There was so many to choose from, I could have come home with many more. Have a great evening!

  4. I left out the word 'look' between they and great.


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