Thursday, July 16, 2015

An at home day.

 For me anyway. Chuck had a dental appointment at 8:00 this morning. This was an initial checkup as he has just started going to this civilian dentist. She found one more cracked tooth but this one can be saved. This is the second cracked tooth that the military dentist missed prior to Chuck's retirement that we have had to fix. Thankfully, Chuck has pretty healthy teeth and always has taken fantastic care of them. Meanwhile I stayed home and made bread. My loaves won't win any awards for appearance, but they taste good.
 The garden is continuing to grow very well. I love Rudbeckia! We planted many clumps. This is the first one to bloom. It's called "Indian Summer"
 This sedum is turning red already. It's name is "Neon".
 There already were numerous hostas around the house and we planted probably 10 more. This was one that was already here so I don't know what it is called but the flowers are lovely.
 My friend Norma came by a few days ago and brought me this azalea (I think). I don't know how well it will do in the kitchen as it is pretty shaded now in the summer with all the trees.
And finally here is Chuck doing something he really loves. Working on an antique radio. Today is the first day he has had a chance to do some radio work since he retired. It is a hobby Chuck has enjoyed since he was old enough to know what a soldering iron is! (40+ years).

Sunny and cool here today but we are in for another hot, humid weekend. I'm not looking forward to it but maybe we will finally get some rain.

Take care and have a nice evening.



  1. Mmm, fresh bread. Mom used to bake her own bread all the time, and she still did with Harry. Maybe not at the moment though. But there's nothing better than fresh, warm bread, slathered in real butter. ::Heavenly sigh:: Don't forget the molasses when you have it after supper, for dessert. That was a Gaspe thing, probably is a country thing. :-)

    All the flowers are so lovely, indoors and out. I have no luck with indoor flowering plants, I kill them all, no matter what the light.

    1. Chuck and I enjoyed a big piece of warm bread with our lunchtime salad. Chuck said his father always liked bread and molasses. His Dad was from Newfoundland.
      I don't have much luck with indoor flowering plants either.When Norma gave it to me I almost said "oh no." but I caught myself just in time. I don't expect it to live for very long!
      Hope you are having a nice evening.

  2. I am going to leave you my address so that you may please send me a loaf of bread. :) I am not kidding lol! It looks delicious!
    Love your photos!

    1. Thanks Caren. It is delicious. Glad you enjoy my photos.

  3. What branch of the military was Chuck in? Ken retired from the Navy after 20 years back in 89.

    1. Chuck was in the Royal Canadian Air Force for 31 years retiring last September. He had an interesting career and did enjoy it (well, mostly!). Did you get transferred around a lot? We had a few postings. Have a great weekend!

    2. We lived in Virginia, Scotland, Florida, Puerto Rico, Virginia again and then Maryland.

    3. Wow, you lived in a number of interesting places. Lucky you!


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