Friday, July 24, 2015

It's here!

 The Matzo Meal that is! We got a phone call this morning that it was at our Metro store waiting to be picked up. When we arrived the  purchasing person asked us how much of the case did we want. All of it!  Everyone laughed. I had to explain what it was and what I make with it. You know what we are having for supper tonight, don't you?
 I have been noticing lots of goldfinches at the feeders the last few days. I love their bright yellow colour.
And just as I sat down to write this I heard Chuck climbing on the railing. He was reaching to peel off the tape from painting around the railing. Not too safe! He thought I was busy and wouldn't hear him.

It looks like it is going to be hot and humid for the next week. I don't care for that! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Stay cool!



  1. Oh, jeepers! Presumably Chuck didn't fall, but he was tempting fate. Men. Sheesh. LOL.

    Enjoy your supper tonight! :-)

    1. I shudder to think what he did at work over the years. We met a man he had worked with on aircraft the other day in Crappy Tire. The gentleman started to tell me this story about how they stuffed Chuck up into the wing of a plane and only his feet were sticking out. Chuck quickly changed the subject so I didn't get the whole story.
      We did enjoy our supper very much, Thanks.
      Hope you are having a nice weekend. Take care!

  2. P.S. I tried 4 times from the Fuzzy Tales account to leave a comment and it just wouldn't post, so if they show up, delete them!

    1. They didn't show up Kim. That occasionally happens to me too.

  3. Glad that Chuck didn't fall!! Pretty dangerous.
    Love the gold finch.

    1. Very dangerous, Karen. I was not happy when I saw what he was doing!
      I just love goldfinches too.


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