Let me ride in your Automobile.

 On the road again today to see Mum. It was cool but sunny when we left Trenton. First a stop just before getting on the highway. Mum had requested some corn. This farm stand is quite close to the highway 401 on-ramp. I love their old truck.
 Everything looked so good. I brought the cooler so I purchased some corn for us too. I will be heading back tomorrow as the plums looked great. I want to make some plum platz.
 This is one of the fields beside the store. These are newly planted apple trees with a field of sunflowers in the background.
 So on the highway we go. It wasn't too busy yet at 9:30 but lots of trucks as always.
 In the Fall this curve is just breathtaking with the maples changing colour. I will post a photo once the leaves start to change.
 We could see clouds were building the further west we went.
 Beautiful farm fields.
 Lovely old farm.
 It wouldn't be summer in Ontario without highway construction!
 We pulled off in Cobourg for a quick look at the Thrift Store. I spied this great Cutlass.
Such a pretty old church.

More dark clouds the closer we got to Mums.
We had a lovely 3 hour visit. Mum loved her platz and zucchinni bread eating a piece of each right away!
We headed back to Trenton around 2:00. This smokestack has an interesting history. In the late 1960's Ontario Hydro bought 1200 acres in South Hope Township to build an oil-fired generating station. The Oil Crisis of the mid 1970's put a stop to the construction but not before most of the buildings and smokestack had been built. The plant never operated. OPG (formerly Ontario Hydro) still owns the site.

Lots of hay cut this week with the drier weather.
 When I was a child I always  thought these transmission towers look like a giant monster.
Almost home!
Not too far now. I see the maple tree in the top middle of the photo is starting to turn. I do love Fall but not quite yet.
I hope everyone had a good day. Take care.


  1. Good day for a road trip. ☺

    My favourite of those pics is the one of the farm in the distance. You can almost imagine you're on a country road, or even just the #2, not zooming down the 401.

    I'm glad you had a good visit with your mum; I can well imagine how much she enjoyed the baked goods!

    Have a great evening.

  2. It sure was Kim!
    If we have more time we do like to take the #2 to Mums but we were in a bit of a rush today. I do love the old farms too.
    Mum did really enjoy the treats. My brothers wife does not like to cook or bake so I bring something for Mum every time we visit.
    I hope you have a nice evening too. We are watching "McMillan and Wife" tonight.

  3. loved the scenery! So pretty! I used to think the same about those towers as a child! Bridges too!

    1. I thought I was the only one! Take care and have a good weekend.

  4. Such pretty countryside to drive through. Love the big white clouds in a blue sky.
    glad you had a good visit with your mom. Nice car!!

    1. It is very pretty Karen. I always am so grateful every time we go and see Mum that we still have her.

  5. How lovely to bring your mom yummy treats. Did you find any treasures at the thrift store in Cobourg?

    We went apple picking today and now it feels very fallish to me. All the fruit is early here this year due to the extra heat we've had. Maybe the drought has also had some effect. Anyway, it was fun in spite of the hot hot sun beating down on us. We tried to stay in the shade of the trees but they were not very tall trees so not much shade was to be had.

    1. I only found one book at the thrift store. It is always hit and miss there. Maybe next time!
      Glad you had such a good time apple picking.

  6. Fabulous photos. Felt like I was on the trip with you! Thanks for sharing.


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