Life is a Highway. (many,many photos)

 After our lovely trip to see Kim on Saturday we decided to take another road trip to Cobourg to view a 1973 Volkswagen Beetle that is for sale. The car is incredible, had belonged to the current owners Aunt and lived its whole life except for the last two years in Vancouver. It has only 40,000 miles on it and is all original. We are giving it some hard thought.
 I am a sucker for roadside fruit and vegetable stands. There must be 4 or 5 of them along Highway 2 between Trenton and Cobourg.
 It was a gorgeous day Sunday and no humidity in sight.
 We stopped at this Memorial Chapel to stretch our legs and have a look around. Sad story with a happy ending.
 If you enlarge the photos you can read about the history of the Church.
 Notice the date on the photos of the church burning.
 So many beautiful old perennials surrounding the building and grounds.
 Original pump.
 You can no longer go inside the chapel as vandals were stealing items so it is now locked. We met a very nice gentleman who related the very interesting history of the Church. It ends up he was the last minister to preach in the church before it burned.
 This magnificent barn is now a residence. We have watched over the years as it was transformed from a cattle barn to a home.
 I love this house! It is located in Colborne, just on the outskirts. I believe the design of the house is called "Ontario Cottage" and it's for sale. When we first moved here back in 1986 it was for sale for a little over $100,000. Now the price is $389,900. It has been modernized quite a bit but does retain some of the original features.
While we were in Colborne we stopped at an Antique Store for a quick look around. When I first started working at 17, I worked in a small, very old variety store. The cash register was very similar to this one but was brown. I think it was priced at $400.00.
I though this painting looked so peaceful. The label stated it was a town in New Brunswick who's name escapes me now.
I loved this old leather flying helmet and goggles.
Next door to the Antique Store was a stained glass store (I forget the name!). Two cats were sleeping in the window. This tabby was very friendly and talked away to us through the glass (the store was closed). The other cat was a tuxedo but he/she did not want to have her picture taken.
So handsome. Looks rather like someone I know. Hi Nicki!
Lovely flowers  all along the street in front of the stores.

We had to stop at our favourite fruit and veggie stand. We purchased some corn, strawberries and grapes. We had a weak moment and also bought a butter tart to eat on the way home.
I snuck a photo of Handsome Hubby.
We were driving through Brighton down the Main Street and spotted this Gremlin X for sale. I have not seen one of these for probably 20 years. I can't say I care for the big scoop on the hood but it is in fantastic shape.
Sorry, can't have a post without a cloud photo.
We arrived home and I realized I forgot to fill all the bird feeders before we left. As soon as I was back in the house all the creatures came to eat.

Today my friend Rosemary came for a cup of tea and a tour of the new kitchen. We haven't seen each other since before the kitchen renovations started so it was lovely to catch up. Two and 1/2 hours flew by. We planned our next outing which will probably be hitting all the local Antique Stores.
I hope you are having a good day.
Take care.


  1. What a lovely outing on Sunday! I couldn't read the history of the church even when I clicked on the photos. I think I would have to download and then view them full size. I could just make out the Friday June 13 as the date it burned, though.

    Yes, that tabby does look like Nicki, that's the first thing I thought. LOL.

    Someone will make $$$$ on the house/cottage. Would have been a good investment purchase!

    Oh, I do love the cash register, that's great. And you'll have to let us know if you buy that Beetle. :-)

    Have a lovely afternoon/evening.

  2. Sorry Kim, I should have taken closer photos at the church. Long story short, beautiful old church burned down and there really wasn't enough of a congregation to warrant building another one. This was from the minister we talked to.
    I wish we had bought the cottage back in 1986. Quite a price jump.
    I will let you know if we purchase the beetle.
    Take care and have a nice evening.

  3. You take the most interesting day trips! I wonder if you'll buy the 1973 VW bug. I never was a fan of the Gremlins though.

    1. We do love day trips. We are still thinking about the Bug. Chuck want s to check out an old Duster first.

  4. Looked an interesting day out, I love a bit of history. Really enjoy your bird photos when you came home xx

    1. Thanks. We are very much history buffs so anything old we are interested right away.

  5. Wow that was a lot of pictures but was so nice seeing them all. That was quite a day trip. Sounds like a lot of fun.
    To bad about the burning of the church and what a shame that it has to be locked because of vandals.

    1. We did have a lot of fun.
      I remember about 20 years ago the church was open because my sister and I went into it. You could even get married in it. Times change!


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