Rock this Town, Part 1.

 It was such a gorgeous day today when we got up (at 6:15 I might add, late for us!) we decided it would be a great day to visit The Bleasdell Boulder. We have been a few times in the past but never in the summer. As you leave the parking lot you come upon this large rock. If you go to the right it is a very short walk to the boulder, to the left a nice meander to the boulder.
 This sign also greets you. The little photo of the cat is a lost kitty named Mojo.
 The pathways are wide with pea gravel so very easy walking.
 At this time of year it is very shady.
 I wonder how long it has taken this moss to grow up the tree.
 Varied landscapes all through the area. You have fields, swamps, forest and streams.
 The Goldenrod is at its height right now. So pretty!
 Everything is left where it falls unless it  impedes the pathway.
 The tree canopy was lovely.
 These old cedars are pretty well stripped but so beautiful
 The critters are making good use of them.
 We could hear so many different kinds of birds. Grasshoppers were constantly hopping around us.
 Many different kinds of mushrooms.
 At the boulder at last!
 I stood in front so you could see, in relation to me, how big it is.
 If you enlarge the photos you can read all about the boulder. Very fascinating!

 Chuck loves this kind of thing. We reread about the boulder every time we come.
 This tree just looked so interesting.
 I was constantly looking down in case there was poison ivy. My sister Joanne had a horrible case of it last summer. It took her weeks to get rid of it.

 I have no idea what these berries are. They just looked pretty.
The asters are blooming now too. I just love them.
Tomorrow I will post Part 2. Thanks if you are still reading this !
Our friend Joanne just popped by for a visit. She had not seen our new kitchen yet. She is a busy real estate agent and she and her husband travel every chance they get. She came bearing gifts! Scones from Panera Bread. Still warm. Oh my goodness they are good! We tried the blueberry ones. Yummy!
I've gone on long enough today. I hope you have a great evening and I will talk to you tomorrow.
Take care.


  1. That is one very big boulder!!! I always enjoy your photos and today is no exception. Isn't it strange how there is beauty in bare trunks of trees?

    1. It is huge!
      Thank you for your kind words. I do love taking photos.
      I am glad the photos of the bare trees turned out so well. They are beautiful.

  2. WOW thats one big boulder! what a great walk, I sure hope that lost kitty gets found. wonderful photos.

    1. Hi Summer, it was a great walk. Can't wait to do it again.
      Take care and have a good weekend!

  3. 19 years living here and I've never heard of that boulder. That's a MASSIVE boulder. The conservation area reminds me of Lemoine Point here...except we don't have a rock like that. LOL. What a lovely day you had, plus the bonus of a friend's visit...and fresh scones!

    1. It was a lovely walk. I can't wait to go back in the Fall when the leaves are changing
      Take care and talk soon!


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