Come Saturday Morning.

 What a perfect Fall day today! Hardly a cloud in the sky and cool. I needed a few things at the Belleville Farmers Market so off we went. The market vendors are under the two metal roofed structures. Everything you could need is there. Fruits, vegetables, baked goods, meat, flowers, handmade jewellery and clothing, preserves, cider..... the list goes on and on.
The Market is celebrating it's 200th anniversary next year. The location is central in the downtown being located behind Belleville City Hall, pictured here. I love visiting the Market. I usually come home with too much produce and we eat fruit and veggies for every meal.
Such a beautiful church spire.
We went the "back" way home (not the main highway). So much prettier. I believe these silo's are something to do with corn
As you can see the corn has gone brown.
The soy really turned brown this week.
We pulled over to the side of the road for a moment as we thought we heard the paint cans in the trunk tip over. No, they were alright. The trees are starting to change here and there.
Every time I see milkweed fluff I think of a story my Mum told me. She was born in 1934 so remembers WWII.  During one of the war years kids were told to collect milkweed fluff for parachute linings. My Mum did her part and collected a bag full. She can't remember what happened to it after that. What a tedious job that would have been!
We swung by our old neighbourhood to see what our old house looked like. We lived here from 1986 to 1996. The tree in the backyard was planted by Chuck in 1987. It was a little stick that had been growing under the front porch. I guess a squirrel had buried some keys and this one rooted. We dug it out and planted it. Looks like it is doing very well.
This tree is already fully changed.
Coming over the bridge looking towards the second bridge and Murray Hills.

I was standing at the dining room window and noticed this leaf seeming to float on its own. Then I saw the cobweb. It hung there for quite awhile.
My pot of impatience is still going strong on the porch. I will try and nurse them along as long as possible.

I hope you are able to get out and enjoy this day if it is nice where you are. I'm off outside to putter.

Take care.


  1. I think I've already told you this, but I remember when my ex and I went to Belleville for the first time -- a City parking lot was charging 35 cents per hour. We just about fell over at how cheap it was! LOL. Coming from Halifax where parking, at the time, was considerably more expensive. I have no idea what downtown parking costs now, but I'm sure it's more than that. LOL.

    Anyway, yes, it's been a glorious day. It's great to have access to a market like that. Ours is Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, but I'm never down there, all my normal errands take me to the west end. When we first came here and worked right downtown, I did take advantage of the market, and the fresh eggs. Can't afford those eggs now, at around $6 or more per dozen, but at the time it was pricey but still reasonable, and wow, what a difference in taste in those eggs versus store-bought ones.

    Well, I'm playing Anglican hymns again and having a shot of rye (because it's 4 o'clock somewhere...and soon here), so that will tell you how I feel about the neighbours being home now! :-P

    Enjoy the rest of this fabulous day!

    1. I don't think the parking is terribly much more in Belleville now then when you were last there. I just usually put a couple of quarters in and that gives us enough time. I think here in Trenton a quarter gets you 1/2 an hour. There is such a difference in fresh eggs versus store bought. So much tastier!
      Oh Kim, I am so sorry about your noisy neighbours.
      Take care .

  2. The weather does look perfect. I enjoy walking around a farmers market.
    Your old house looks so cute. I really like it. Wow that tree sure has grown!!

    1. It was a perfect day yesterday, Karen.
      It was a cute little house. We backed onto a field and I do miss just being able to walk out the back door into semi-wilderness.
      Enjoy your Sunday.

  3. What a sweet little house you had. I love seeing those "Tiny Houses" on Pinterest or other blogs. Don't think me and all my collections would fit in one though.
    How are you feeling? You sound quite chipper.

    1. Thanks G.M., it was small! And to think we lived there ten years. We didn't have much in those days so no worries about everything fitting in!
      I am feeling fine, just a little pain where the graft is. Thank you for asking.
      Take care!


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