Father Of Mine.

 I have spent the last couple of days cleaning out closets and cupboards and have come across many old photos. Everyone in our family seems to save photos and I feel very fortunate to have some of them.
The photo above is my Dad with his sister Erica around 1936.
 This next photo is my Dad with  some of the neighbourhood kids. My Dad is third from the left. My Dad always said having a bike was a big thing back then. With 9 brothers and sisters there probably wasn't enough money for everyone to have a bike so I imagine one was shared amongst them all.
 My Dad and a friend from church. I am guessing he is around15 or 16. Neither one of them looks too happy!
 My Dad wanted a trade off the farm so he decided to become an electrician. That is him standing in the back row third from the left.
 My Dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1999. This photo was taken a week after the diagnosis. My Mum and Dad had gone to Toronto to see Dame Edna on a bus trip. She involves the audience and my Dad was chosen to play the Queen Mum in a sketch. He loved it! I am glad he could smile and laugh still.
 I also came across a Mother's Day card my Dad had made for his Mum, my Oma. He put her initials on the front with a beautiful flower....
And wrote this lovely verse inside. How sweet!

I hope you enjoyed the photos. I did love coming across them again. I will tuck these away. They are keepers.

Have a wonderful evening.


  1. Robin, those are true treasures.

    All the kids in the pic with that bike (looks shiny and new) seem quite pleased and happy.

    But whoever was with him in the church photo... Well, that's quite the scowl she has. Lol. Wonder who she is, if she's still alive, what her life was like.

    I bet it was a hoot to see Dame Edna like! Your dad had a great sense of humor. :-)

    Do you do anything special to store these old photos? It's good to digitize them, in case something ever happens to the originals.

    Take care, have a good evening!

    1. Hi Kim, We have scanned most of the photos but I still hang on to the originals.
      I have no idea who the young girl is in the photo with my Dad. She looks pretty P.O.ed!
      I believe my parents saw Dame Edna twice over the years. I would love to see her (him?) too.
      My Dad was very funny and loved to make people smile.
      I hope you are having a good day! One more day until your holidays.
      Take care.

  2. What a treasure to have all those old photos and the card. It was nice to see them all.

  3. you are so lucky to have these amazing photos! Your Dad looks like he was always so happy and that is so special!

    1. My Dad was pretty happy most of the time. I am very fortunate in having these photos because my Dad couldn't throw them away. I know where I get that from!

  4. I love seeing old pictures. In that first picture, your dad and his sister look like dolls. Their little faces are so pretty. It is amazing how people have changed over the years.

    1. Thanks Henny! My Aunt Erica does look like a doll. She is still alive, celebrating her 80th birthday very shortly. She still has those lovely cheeks!

  5. Old photos are so precious. So is that Mother's Day card.

    1. The Mother's Day card is still in perfect shape. My Oma had it tucked away. Remarkable it has lasted 73 years.


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