Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon.

 This about describes our whole day yesterday. Nothing very exciting done but lots of puttering around. On our walk every morning we pass along this chain link fence. The lady who owns the home planted morning glories all along it. The fence is along a public walkway so everyone can enjoy the flowers.
 I picked up this poplar leaf because it was such a perfect heart shape.
 Janice came over with another bag of tomatoes (the last as her tomatoes are done) so into the pot they went! Four containers of pasta sauce went into the freezer.
 Chuck painted the deck on Friday. The previous owner had left a full can of stain so we thought we should make use of it.
 Mama Cardinal was back with her baby, feeding it sunflower seeds.
I was washing my hands at the kitchen sink and looked up and saw this. Pardon the Goldfinch butt! The two of them ate happily side by side for a few minutes.

Another sunny, cooler day today. Hopefully all that heat is gone for good.

Have a great Monday!


  1. It was so beautiful yesterday afternoon...It looks like *everyone* around your home enjoyed the day. :-)

    P.S. Janice's tomatoes have equaled a lot of pasta sauce -- must have been quite an abundant crop!

    1. It was a lovely afternoon. Then so cool overnight that we had two blankets on the bed. I slept like a log!
      Janice's tomatoes were very abundant. I haven't bought a tomato in two months. And she shared with other people too.
      Take care Kim.

  2. Replies
    1. It was Caren. The weather was perfect and nothing pressing to do.

  3. Wow what a perfect shaped heart leaf.

    1. Yes it is! It was laying on the sidewalk looking so perfect.

  4. I like Morning Glories. They're such nice old-fashioned flowers and easy enough to grow too.

    I wish I saw more of my Nuthatch. He hasn't been around lately.

    1. The whole fence was covered in the blooms. It was just lovely.
      Our Nuthatch is at our feeders quite a bit recently. I love watching them. So industrious.


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