Riding in my car.

 With nothing urgent to do this morning Chuck and I jumped into the car and took off. We were only planning to go to a couple antique stores but one of them wasn't open yet so we thought we would just go for a short drive. We ended up going to Wellington, a village about 1/2 hour away from us. When we first moved to this area in 1986 it was a tiny, quiet village with a museum, a couple of stores and a restaurant. Not now! Many stores and restaurants with lots to do. People have discovered Prince Edward County and it is always busy from May to October.

Such beautiful old homes. I was reading an article that stated one of the oldest homes in Ontario is there, built around the 1750's.
There were a number of activities going on so we hopped out of the car and had a walk around town. The Farmer's Market was very busy with a wide range of items for sale. I made a beeline for Lake Ontario. Growing up we lived one block from the Lake so I always want to see it.
I only had sandals on or I would have been down on the beach with this young fella.
The Farmers Market from behind. The ladies under the blue awning were cooking up something that smelled so good.
One of the old buildings turned into a restaurant. Lovely porch off to the side.
Twenty years ago this was a typical small town diner. My brother and I ate there and I remember the food was delicious. Look at it now!
This is the ceiling of the Home Hardware. The store has been there many, many years.
I love these paintings. To me they look like quilts.
So pretty!
St. Andrew's Anglican Church.  It was built in 1852. What this church has witnessed! There is a Thrift Store in the basement which was open when we walked by. You know I would not pass by! They were having a bag sale. A grocery bag full for $3.00.  I found 5 shirts (Eddie Bauer, Tilley and Land's End) a book and Chuck needed a phone for his computer room. Very good deal.
Small but very beautiful.
Not much has changed inside in years except the Purell dispenser.
The windows were gorgeous. Most of them were quite old.
The colours are still so vivid.
This sign made us laugh. The sad thing is they are losing their minister in November and they do not have a replacement. One of the ladies in the shop told us she had been coming to this church her entire life and she was 82.
The gardens around the church were so lovely and well tended.
The high school is right next door.
This house looked very original beyond the new front steps. You could see the wavy glass in the windows.
Oh my. I love this front porch. The first house Chuck and I lived in was built in 1920. It also had a large front porch but not this big!
We saw many of these very skinny houses on narrow lots. There must be a story behind them.
There are so many wineries in the area now. You could spend a whole day going from winery to winery all on one road.
Lovely old barn.
We ended up being away for 3 hours. Not enough time to see everything we wanted to so we will be going back.  A quick lunch when we got home and we are hiding in the house as it is still hot and humid out.
Take care and enjoy your weekend!


  1. What a lovely drive! Dad and I have stopped in Picton many times, but most of the time we've driven through both Wellington and Bloomfield. I've stopped a few times over the years in both, but not in a long time. I wonder if a lot of the folks are snowbirds. I sure would be, no way would I spend a winter in the County if I had other options. LOL.

    I suppose it's good that Prince Edward County has become such an artist and tourist area, it helps revitalize the towns/villages. Not that one would want to see Walmart or Costco, though --that's not what I meant.

    Anyway, enjoy the rest of the day and definitely appreciate your air conditioning. :-)

    1. I thought you had been in Picton a few times. I remember reading about it on your blog.
      I think you are right about the snowbirds. I would never spend a winter down there either. Over the last few years Chuck has had to drive down there occasionally for work. Always a white knuckle drive in the winter!
      It always shocks me to see how much Picton has changed over the last 25 years. There was nothing there back in the 1980's.
      We are very much hiding out today. It was very hot walking around Wellington this morning.
      Take care.

  2. What a lovely day you've had. I sure enjoyed seeing all of your pictures. Love that parking sign.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. It WAS a lovely day. Take care.

  3. You certainly live in a lovely area. I love old churches, old houses, and country roads. You seem to have a lot of all three. Nice that you got out and had such an enjoyable day.

    1. We are very fortunate to live in this area. Well, 3 seasons of the year anyway. I like your winters better!

  4. Must have been a fine drive on a beautiful day taking in the scenery. Lovely photos and thanks for sharing!

  5. I just love the old homes and their grand porches! So much charm! I think spontaneous trips are the best!

    1. I love old houses too. When we first were married we lived in a 1920 house with the plaster walls and six inch trim. We still had the original claw foot tub in the bathroom. But old homes cost lots to maintain!


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