Say Goodbye Today

 The car insurance company phoned last night and made the arrangements to pick up the Maverick this morning. At 8:00 a.m. the doorbell rang and the flatbed driver was here.
Sad to see it in this state. We haven't looked at it since we covered it the morning after the fire.
The flatbed driver said it would be going to auction so someone else will love it.
Bye, Bye!
Very foggy this morning. I loved how the light was coming through in the backyard.
I went out to run a few errands and found this dragonfly sitting on the car. He is peering into the cars back up camera.
We were up so early I could take lots of critter photos. Silly squirrel sitting on one of the bird feeder hooks.
This young bunny played in the backyard for quite awhile.
The female Cardinal was back feeding the juvenile.
I noticed the goldfinches are losing their yellow colour especially on their backs.
Photo bombing squirrel!
This squirrel was burying nuts all around the yard.

No progress what so ever on the bathroom today. One of the reno guys stopped by at 3:30 this afternoon. I was talking to my sister on the phone at the time. I asked her to hold on for a minute and went and had a "discussion" with him. When I got back to the phone she said " That's the way to be assertive". There is no way the job will be done when they promised. Very frustrating!

I hope your day has gone better. Take care and have a nice evening!



  1. I'm sorry the car had to go, but am glad it's done and that someone else will get it.

    RE: the bathroom, what excuse could they possibly have given for not working on it today?

    On the plus side, you got some great shots. My favourites are your foggy backyard and the dragonfly.

    Anyway, deep breath in...out...The reno will get done, and really, as frustrating as it is, will it matter on your deathbed? That's a question I have to keep in mind for myself too!

    1. We are sad about the car too.
      The Reno guy had no excuse. He just keep saying "Yes, Mam, Yes Mam". I just don't understand how they can do this.
      Thanks for your kind words about the photos.
      No it won't matter on my deathbed about the bathroom. I am astounded they can treat us like this.
      Have a good day Kim.

  2. Bye bye maverick! I lost count of how many cars my sons had, loved, then either wrecked them or otherwise had them towed away. I was always there with a camera, recording it.
    I can't help but wonder why the tile guy dropped by if he wasn't working? Did he have an excuse for not working? Maddening. Maybe you should suggest payment will be delayed too. See what that does.

    1. Hi G.M. No excuses were given. He just said he has no control over where he is sent to work that day.
      Good suggestion about payment! I didn't even think of that.

  3. ohhh what a shame about the car, I love classic cars, but at least its going to be loved by someone and NOT scrapped. beautiful photos of the wildlife in your garden.

    1. Thanks Summer! We are very fortunate to be visited by so much wildlife.

  4. Ah too bad about the car. Will you get another classic one day?
    Always enjoy the photos you take of the animals in your yard.

    1. We probably will one day. It is our dream to move out to British Columbia in a few years so it will wait until then.
      I always enjoy your photos too!


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