Skies on fire.

 This photo was taken at 6:45 this morning so I knew we were in for another hot, humid day.
 We have selected the colour for our upstairs bedrooms so a trip to Belleville to pick up the paint was necessary. On the way out of our neighbourhood we met Janice walking her dog Griffy. As we were chatting (Chuck and I in the car , Janice standing on the lawn with Griffy) this beautiful cat came meowing up. Obviously not frightened of dogs. Griffy has two kitty siblings so he just wanted to visit with the kitty.
 We continued on to Belleville and purchased our paint. On the way out we could not resist paying a visit to the pond. All the geese and ducks are all grown up but are still hanging around the pond.
 Such handsome goats.
 Very sweet!
 This is only a small part of the geese population at the pond.
 Cute duck having a little snooze.
 The turtles were very bold this time and came right over to us.
They kept coming to the surface and racing over to us. We did not have or know what to feed them.

Another day spent hiding in the house. I watered all the gardens and hung out some wash early this morning but that is it for going outside. Chuck is busy painting trim so he will be occupied for the rest of the afternoon. Janice is stopping by for a quick cup of tea and a chat later.

Stay cool everyone and talk soon.


  1. Where in Belleville are these goats? One these days I'll have to hop the train and check them out for myself!

    Sweet cat, and while I don't agree with letting cats out to roam freely, at least he or she is collared and tagged.

    Enjoy your visit with Janice, sounds better than painting trim. Ha.

    1. They are at the pond behind Reid's Dairy in Belleville.
      I was worried about the cat being so close to the road but Janice said it just wandered off.
      A nice visit with Janice. She watched me make supper than skedaddled home and made her own!
      Talk soon.

  2. At 6:45 here the sun has not quite reached over the mountain yet. This morning I left at 6:25 and it was dark.
    We've had the some of the warmest days of summer the last few. Not hot like by you though.
    Love the turtles. : )
    So what color paint did you decide on?
    We having BLT's for supper tonight - probably with the last of our tomatoes.

    1. We decided on a colour called "Cathedral Grey" Sounds lovely I know. It is just a soft grey- taupe. Hard to describe. I will post photos when it is all done. Janice is winding down with her tomatoes too. Hope you stay cool today!

  3. The turtles were adorable. I suspect they eat marine plants, insects, and meat, but it's best to let them forage rather than feed them.

    1. I love the turtles too. Thanks for the information on what they eat.

  4. Replies
    1. I guess some relief is coming by Thursday. Can we last till then?

  5. Our weather has changed to cool at last ( the high today was 20 ) and lots of rain so no more watering restrictions. Hopefully you'll get a break from the heat soon. I like the turtles. We usually have some by the lake but I haven't seen any this year.

    1. We saw on Weather Network that you were cooler. We desperately need some rain here. By this weekend we are supposed to be cooler too. Take care!

  6. I am in such an awful mood right now that your lovely photos are just what I needed! Hope you are keeping cool, some relief IS coming!

  7. what wonderful photos! love the turtles, so cute :)


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