Somebody Paints The Wall.

 Much better progress on the bathroom today. A young guy came right at 8:00 a.m. and worked pretty well non-stop for the next eight hours.
 Another critter post! We haven't been able to go on any day trips (except for a great time at Kim's) for the last 10 days.
 A woodpecker was trying to get at the sunflower seed as the goldfinches were eating. I don't think the goldfinches could figure out what it was.
 The woodpecker didn't stick around long.
 This female squirrel is getting very tame. I can get quite close up to her before she runs away.
 Chuck spent the afternoon cleaning the car. When we moved in here ( a year ago tomorrow) we had three cars , now we are down to one. We have so much room in the garage now. No more squeezing past the cars to get something!
This is the first coat of paint on the bathroom wall. The colour matches the grouting in the tiles. The rest of the walls are to be done tomorrow.

Sorry such boring posts! We are anxious to get back out on the road again. We miss our jaunts!

I hope you have a good evening. We are going to watch" MacMillan and Wife". I love that show!



  1. OMG, look how neat your garage is! I'm just going to give you guys spare keys to the house (don't let the cats out-ha) and when I come back from work, presto! Chuck will have organized everything! :-)

    You're bathroom will look great, it will be worth the wait in the end. You're getting close!

    Gees, I haven't made a day trip anywhere since Dad's visit last fall -- lol -- so I don't think your critter pics or post is boring.

    Have a *good* evening!

    1. As you know Chuck is pretty tidy and I don't care for things messy. Anytime Kim you want things tidied we would be happy to do it. When my Mum moved in with my brother she purchased a lovely tall cabinet to house all her little knick-knacks. She waited until Chuck and I came to visit the first time and asked him to put all her things in it . She knew he would do a wonderful job, and he did!
      Hope you are feeling better today.

  2. I've noticed that striking black squirrel in several of your photos. Are they common? I only see gray squirrels in my region.

    1. Black squirrels are very common here. You see them more than the grey ones. Chuck grew up in Montreal and said he did not see a black squirrel until he moved to Ontario.

  3. Yay for your almost finished bathroom!! The colour you've chosen looks very similar to the colour we painted the addition to our house ( maybe 7 years ago?) Two large bedrooms and a bath and a half. All that sand colour. I still like it. I find it really sets off the white woodwork.

    1. We are getting there slowly G.M. We do like the sand colours very much. It does set off the white woodwork very well. Have a great weekend.

  4. I remember watching that the first time around. : )
    Bathroom looking good.

    1. I love Rock Hudson in anything!
      Thanks Karen maybe it will be done soon!


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