Sunday Morning Sunshine.

 Another gorgeous day today. Chuck spent until 10:30 a.m. painting the guest room and wanted to get away from the paint fumes so out the door we went. I saw on Facebook My Favourite Antique Store had many new items so we made our way there. When I saw this big wooden bowl(?) I though of my Oma  making sauerkraut  in something similar. She even had a similar chopper too.
 This diorama was very interesting. It is hard to tell but the logs were the size of your pinkie finger. Such fine work.
 Does anyone else remember their Grandmothers wearing hats like this? I sure do! My Mum's Mum always wore a hat. She had one just like this!
 I thought of you, Granny Marigold, when I saw these. So pretty.
 Everything you need to run your own Bingo Game!
 I. Love. This. Painting. It remind me so much of our cat growing up named Simon.
 An A.Y. Jackson print. Very Fallish. Pardon the lights!
 We have a similar toolbox that belonged to my Dad. He apprenticed as an electrician back in the fifties and couldn't afford to buy a toolbox so he knocked one up just like this from scrap wood that was laying around my Opa's barn. He always hung on to it and about 10 years ago I asked him if I could have it. He replied"What do you want that old thing for?" I said "Because you made it". I got the toolbox and a big hug too.
 I like different things and I thought this platter was lovely.
 I remember a kettle just like this sitting on my Oma's stove. It is actually quite large. Always had to have lots of hot water for pots of tea!
 I have a bowl very much like this one. They wanted $89.00 for it. I think I paid $1.00 at a yard sale for mine.
 Does anyone else remember this pattern from Pyrex? It is now called "vintage". My aunt has a large set of this. You know you are getting older when things you use everyday are referred  to as vintage!
 I do collect Jadite but I don't have this much. Most of the vintage things we have are picked up at yard sales and thrift stores.
 I think this photo is just beautiful. Again, pardon the lights.
 I was racking my brains trying to think what canned goods Quaker had.
 We both love this bookcase. It may find its way to our house yet! Pardon my leg! By now it was getting close to lunchtime so we though we better head home.
 The clock tower. We noticed Mr Rolph must not be doing his job fixing it as the time is 4:15 according to the clock but it was actually 11:30. Hmmmmm.
 With all this lovely weather the bird feeders are very busy. Mr Goldfinch was enjoying a drink of water.
 We have another batch of baby Black Squirrels. There originally was three but on Thursday morning I came home from errands and found one dead at the base of one of our mammoth oak trees. They race around right at the top of the trees and I guess one fell. So sad.
 I think this is the little Mourning Dove family. The babies have grown up but still stick close to the mother.
The yard would seem empty without Chippy! He is usually around somewhere. I just filled the feeders before sitting down to write this and he came running when he saw me putting down some peanuts. Yes, I spoil them!

If you are still with me, Thank You as this was a long post. We are off to the Hardware Store to pick up some new receptacles. As Chuck paints he changes all receptacles and switches.

Take care and have a nice Sunday.


  1. Great store to walk around and look at all the goodies. Love doing that.
    No one in my family wore hats.
    That vintage pattern on the pyrex - That is the pattern I have and have used it all my married life. I guess I'm vintage. : )

    1. It is a wonderful store. I could spend hours in there.
      Both of my grandmothers wore hats but my Mum's Mum wore a collection of very interesting hats. I wish I had some of them now!
      I love that pattern of Pyrex.

  2. That Pyrex pattern is vintage? Of course Mom had casserole/cooking dishes like that!

    89 dollars for the bowl? Not a chance!

    Dad's mom wore fur, but I don't recall a hat, I'm sure she must have had one.

    I really like the painting with the Siamese... Even though I'm not overly fond of Siamese catscats. Lol.

    That platter is pretty cool, very pretty.

    Except for the one poor little squirrel, your birds and critters are doing well. :-)

    Take care, enjoy the evening. So lovely today!

    1. It is crazy what is classified as vintage now. This antique store is a collection of dealers and some of the prices are rather high but most are pretty reasonable. I would never pay $89.00 for a bowl either.
      I am thinking seriously about that platter. It was $18.00 so not unreasonable.
      Yes all the critters are doing well here. They have me catering to them everyday!
      Take care too Kim.

  3. All great finds indeed, and lovely photos!

  4. A lovely long post and now I have so many thoughts running through my head. I have a similar yellow bowl that is out in the garage and where I keep fruit ( so the fruit flies don't come in). Maybe if mine was worth $89 I would keep it in a better spot?? And I still use an big aluminum kettle to boil my water for tea. My casseroles are all the old "vintage" Pyrex. Like Happy One said, I'm vintage too. And those tea cups!!! They are lovely and I must go right now and blog about the ones I found just this morning!! Take care.

    1. Hi G.M., glad you enjoyed the post.
      Isn't it funny what is considered vintage now. I also saw a couple of casserole dishes Chuck and I got as wedding gifts in 1984 called vintage.
      I will pop over to your blog to see what lovely teacups you found.
      Take care.


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