Take A Ride.

 As I had mentioned in yesterday's post Chuck and I had to make a trip to the Hardware Store for a few things. A few things quickly add up to $50.00!
Anyway, we decided to take a drive up to the Village of Frankford. Pretty little village about 10 kms away. To get there you drive along the Trent River so you get to enjoy some beautiful scenery along the way.
This lovely old house has recently been fixed up. I would love to see the inside.
Murray Hills in the distance.
Some leaves changing here and there.
Pardon the blurriness in the bottom of the photo but I wanted to show you Murray Hills again. In two weeks or so those Hills will be breathtaking with the trees changing.
Downtown Frankford. Grocery Store, Drugstore, Hardware Store, a few restaurants and other assorted businesses. Many beautiful old buildings.
The smoke stack at our local paper mill.
Depending which way you looked you saw clouds or sun.
I think the clouds at the top of the photo are called Fish Scale.
As we got closer to home the sun came back out.
And look who was watching us as we got out of the car.
Toby! Blurry because he ran over so fast to see us. I just had my little point and shoot camera.
Getting some loving from Chuck!
Don't stop!
In the photo below we had just said goodbye to Toby and he stood up. Five seconds later his lead hooked under the eavestrough, pulled it off the downspout pipe, startled him and he took off with the eavestrough trailing after him. Chuck and I were killing ourselves with laughter. He finally stopped and we retrieved the eavestrough and put it back on the pipe. He was perfectly fine, just embarrassed! I am sure Kim and Mary (his parents) wondered what all the laughing was about at the side of their house.
 With the Blood Moon last night I thought I would take some photos. Well, it clouded right up. I took the photo above around 7:00 p.m.
I took this photo at 9:00 p.m. Within a few minutes you couldn't see the moon at all. Phhoooo!
I looked online and saw some wonderful photos. When is the next one? 2033? Hopefully I will be around to see it.

Pouring rain today so a good day to do some baking. I think Muffins and Raisin Bread.

Take care.


  1. What a great old Victorian home. It looks like it would make a good B&B, and that veranda on the far right would be the perfect spot to while away a bit of a lazy Sunday.

    BTW, a "few things" at a hardware store can quickly turn into $500, never mind $50. LOL.

    More neat clouds. Those do look like fish scales; I wonder what the proper name is. I never remember bits of info like that.

    No moon viewing for me, either. (a) I was in bed, asleep, by the time the eclipse started and (b) yes, it was cloudy here too, unfortunately.

    Take care, have fun baking!

    Toby...silly cat! I'm sure that was funny to see, but I hope there's nothing he can get caught/strangle himself on. At least his human "parents" have the good sense to tether him!

    1. Hi Kim, hope you day is going alright.
      I just have the raisin bread rising and I'm going to start the muffins.
      Toby is tethered to their back deck. Not too much he can get hooked up on beyond the eaves trough and Kim put it as low as it can go and still drain out. We all keep a watch on the kitties.
      Last week at work before your holidays. It will take forever to get to Friday won't it? Or at least it seemed that way when we were waiting for Chuck's holidays!
      Take care.

  2. I'd love to see the inside of that house too!
    Too bad you didn't get to see the eclipse. I had to stand in the middle of our street in order to see it because we're surrounded by tall trees. I only saw ONE other neighbour out to see it. I cannot figure out why people aren't interested.
    How did your raisin bread turn out> And, what kind of muffins? I made cheese buns today and more scones. My oldest daughter and her daughter ( oldest grand) are coming for tea tomorrow and my GD will trim my hair. Yes, she's a hairdresser.

    1. I don' t understand why more people are not interested in eclipses either. When I was outside taking photos I didn't see anyone else out.
      My raisin bread turned out great. I use a recipe that was in our local paper years ago.
      I made banana blueberry muffins from a recipe Deb posted on her "Just Cats" blog a couple of years ago. I never have had much luck making muffins but these ones never fail me.
      Hope you have a nice visit with your daughter and grand-daughter today.

  3. That was such a pretty drive and such a sweet kitty. Cats are so funny when they scare themselves and act like it was somebody else that did it. I've been so far behind, just caught up reading your posts. I love that antique store you visited. I can remember mama drinking coffee from one of those green cups and saucers. We did not see any of the eclipse - it was very cloudy and rainy, plus we live in the woods!

    1. Hi Henny, glad you enjoyed the photos
      Have a great day!

  4. I too would love to see the inside of that house. : )
    I only have a little point and shoot camera.

    1. You take very good photos with your point and shoot. Obviously much better than mine!


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