Behind These Doors.

What an interesting morning we had! In our area today was "Doors Open, Quinte West." Sixteen places were available to visit and take tours. Most of the places we have seen over our 29 years here but a few we hadn't. One of them was Research Castings International. Their website is
Sorry, I don't know how to do links yet. I am hoping SOMEONE (Kim) will teach me when she comes to visit shortly!
Anyway, the tour was fascinating. The bulk of their work is for museums.
Fossil preparation, mounting and conservation are just a few of the things that go on at this facility.
They fabricate various creatures from photographs and drawings.
These were so realistic looking!
This was very interesting. It is an duplicate of an actual cave drawing.
A very tiny horse. At the end of the tour you were given a gingerbread dinosaur cookie, postcards, pens, pencils... The cookie was yummy by the way!
I have always wanted to see the inside of our Anglican Church. The church was built in 1885. Very beautiful windows.
This gentleman played the organ the whole time we were there. The organ was constructed in 1939.
A stained glass representation of the church.
I think there was a dozen of these windows, each one different.
We then proceeded to "Montrose Inn" a gorgeous home built in 1916. No one was taking any photos so I thought I better not. It is now a bed and breakfast after being a private home belonging to the same family up until 1981. It is "ante bellum" architecture and very well preserved. Once a month or so they have High Teas open to the public with all homemade goodies. The bedrooms were beautiful with all period furniture. It is on 6 acres with lovely gardens to stroll through. I could have spent all day there.
Just some random photos from the last two days.
Our neighbours window box. Still looks so pretty!
A visitor yesterday afternoon.
The sunrise this morning.

Cool and rain expected here for the next two days. That's o.k. as I need to clean out a few more closets!

Take care.


  1. That castings place is amazing! I had no idea there was such a company in the area. Wow! For some reason the duplicate of the cave drawing really appeals to me. :-)

    Love that organ! Look at the pipes! I hope he could play well; that organ merits someone who can.

    Great pics from the past few days, Robin. The window box is so pretty; I'm surprised the flowers are holding up so well with these chilly temps.

    Take care, have a peace-full afternoon and evening.

    1. I only found out about this company (the casting place) a few years ago. It was so interesting!
      The gentleman did play the organ beautifully.
      Take care Kim and have a wonderful visit with your Dad.

  2. Really amazing, the photos are great. Greetings!

  3. Very interesting. Love that organ and the beautiful sky.
    Links are easy.
    When you are typing a post look up at the top where all the tools are. There is a word link. If you click on that it tells you what to do. Hope that helps.

    1. Thanks Karen, I will try it next time.
      Have a great Sunday!

  4. Oh those glorious morning clouds!! So lovely.

    I love touring old churches and houses. You sure find great places to visit.

    1. I just caught the clouds at the right moment. 10 minutes later it was gone.
      Have a nice Sunday.


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