Nobody's Home.

 Do you remember A Sad Stone House? Today, finally, Janice and I were able to walk over and see this house. From the outside it does not look too bad. Wait until you see the inside!
Everything looks pretty good.
But oh dear, not so inside. It is gutted back to the stone walls. No one has been inside for quite awhile as you can see everything is covered in a layer of dirt.
Janice was friends with the family that lived here but that is going back 50 years ago. She thinks this was the kitchen. You can see the marks of an axe in the beams. I love the stone walls. Someone has attempted to break in. We were peeking through a door that one of the panes of glass was broken and boarded over. All work has ceased at the house until the court case is settled.
Looks like there may be a few occupants in the attic.
This was the door at the back of the kitchen. So skinny!
Now we are on the opposite side of the kitchen. There originally was a beautiful porch here.
You can see the boarded up door we were peeking through. The house was stripped of anything of value awhile back.
Sorry, electrician's daughter and wife so I do look at the electrical. Chuck says these plugs are very old. They were outside on the porch.
I think this is a piece of the old downspout.
We managed to clear some weeds away and get a look in the basement. Horrifying! Many holes in the floor. Not at all safe down there.
We now are around the front of the house. Someone broke a window in the door sidelight so we could look in properly now. This would have been the front hall.
To the left of the front door. You can see the electrical panel in the basement below. Chuck looked at the photo (He did not accompany us. He said someone had to be home to bail us out of jail!) and said it of course was not the original wiring but it was very old.
Janice remembers the fireplace as being very beautiful. I am thinking there must have been a built in cupboard on the far right of the photo and it was taken down. What lovely wide baseboards.
This is looking up to the second floor. The larger open area was the staircase.
Someone was living at the house this summer judging by the nest.
Janice carefully peeking in through the broken glass.
Sorry for the blurry photo but I wanted you to see all the levels at once.
Sign, what sign officer?
The grounds are so overgrown it was difficult to go too far in. In the summer this was mostly Brown Eyed Susan's.
In the clear area in front of the two trees the original barn once stood. Janice said they kept a few horses in there which she and the girls that lived in the house rode frequently.
A bit of the fencing. There wasn't much of it left. So sad to see a historical home just fall to rack and ruin. If and when I hear what has happened with the court case I will let you know.
On a happier note Chippy has been hanging around quite a bit the last week or so. Stocking up for winter I guess.

Take care and have a wonderful day. Yahoo for Trudeau!



  1. What a great adventure! I'd have gone too! Picture #8 of 22 -- there's something light brown on the table, far right bottom corner. That isn't some leftover food (bread) item, is it??? Middle-aged eyes, I could be seeing things.

    Wouldn't it be lovely to see the home fully updated and restored? No one builds to last like they did in the old days!

  2. We had lots of fun. I would have loved you to be here Kim!
    If I remember correctly that is a sponge on the table. It does look like a loaf of bread!
    It would be lovely to see it all fixed up. Can you imagine the money it would cost? If someone was terrifically handy it could be done a heck of alot cheaper.

    1. Well, whoever won the $64M could restore it. :-)

      Okay, a sponge, that makes sense. Because any food item would be disgusting by now!

  3. Poor sad old stone house. Sure looks nice from the outside though. Did I miss something? About awaiting the results of a court case?

    1. Hi G.M., I should have put a link to another post about the house. Long story short. A local business bought the house a couple of years ago from a descendant of the original owners with the intent to move their office there. When they started to renovate they discovered the foundation was shot along with many other problems. The new owners are suing the real estate agent and inspector that inspected the house. It will be a long time being settled. In the meantime the house sits there decaying more and more.

  4. Wow lots of work to do there but what possibilities!!
    Just catching up on blog visiting. Doesn't take long to get behind!!
    Cute post with the squirrels. : )

    1. Hi Karen, yes so much work to be done! The days go by so quickly when you are busy. Glad you had a good visit with your son.


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