This Is Halloween.

 Happy Halloween! This photo was taken in 1967. Could you tell by the groovy curtains? My Mum loves green and I remember the pattern on these curtains was a mix of various shades of green and blue.
 The sunrise this morning was lovely. This was at 7:30ish. It will certainly look different at this time tomorrow as the clocks fall back tonight.
 One of our neighbours Halloween display. He goes all out every year and try's to top the previous year.
 We have been doing alot of this kind of work this week. The storm on Wednesday and Thursday  brought down most of the leaves.
 I took these photos over the last few days. We have noticed so many Robins stayed around this year. Can you spot three of them in the tree?
 This was taken the first day of the storm. Lots and lots (2 inches) of rain the first day and tremendous wind the second.
 Poor soaked goldfinch in the Birch tree. The goldfinches and juncoes were the only birds to come to the feeders for the two days of the storm. It was remarkable to watch them battle the wind and rain to be able to eat. What do they weigh? Maybe a few ounces?
 The woodpecker had a great time shredding the bark.
 I took this on Thursday morning. You can see the wind has whipped most of the leaves off of the trees.
 Friday the sun came out and everybody was visiting the feeders.
 This is Bald Bluejay as I recognize his funny squeaky call.
 Chippy with his cheeks full. He was zipping around so fast it was hard to get a photo of him.
Blurry I know, but I wanted to share it with you. So cute!

I hope everyone had a good week. We have just been catching up with chores around the house and RAKING LEAVES!

Have a great weekend.


  1. You have a lot of leaves to rake!

    The sky here was pretty too, as I was heading to catch the bus at 7:45. I didn't stop to take a pic, though, ought to have.

    The neighbour's display is great. There's a house just at the corner of Aberfoyle and...uh...Inverness? that goes all out too. They do for Christmas as well, BIG time.

    Yes, I looked closely and managed to spy all three robins. I haven't seen any around here, but maybe because I leave in the dark and get home around 5PM. BTW, Mr. Bluejay looks very handsome now!

    Love all the pics, it's always like Walt Disney World in your yard. :-)

  2. Hi Kim, we do have a lot of leaves to rake. I can hear them calling to me but I refuse to go and rake any more today. I want one day off!
    Thanks for the kind words about my photos. One of the big things going for this house is the abundance of trees means lots of critters.
    Take care Kim.

  3. That first picture is so adorable. You are lucky to have so many pictures from your childhood. I would have never noticed the Robins in that tree. That's really pretty. Your leaves are almost too pretty to rake.

    1. My family was very fortunate to have a Dad who loved to take our photos!
      The leaves are gorgeous this year.
      Take care.

  4. That's a lot of leaves! The pumpkin looks so big, happy Halloween xx

  5. The photo of you and Grumpy Pumpkin is so cute. I'm glad you came through the storm relatively unscathed. Lots of leaf raking to do though. That last pic is quite the 'action shot'...of the Pine Siskins if I'm correct.

    1. Thanks G.M. We have had more wind and rain overnight so more leaves coming down.
      The last photo, the birds are goldfinches. Similar looking to pine siskins.

  6. I'm looking forward to a morning where it's not so dark on my walk. : )
    I need to get out and rake leaves!!!
    Great picture of the blue jay. I had one at my feeder today!

    1. I am happy the time has changed over. Light for our morning walks for a little while anyway.
      Have fun raking leaves!

  7. Those are some terrific pictures. Such pretty colors at this time of the year. Love the little bird taking off. Great picture. I am looking forward to having it light in the morning so I can feed all the outside animals. You all have a great day.

  8. Lovely photos!! The one thing I don't like about living in the country is the complete lack of trick-or-treaters at the farm!

    1. Thanks Natalie!. It must have been a quiet Halloween night for you.


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