Who'll Stop The Rain?

 Southern Ontario is in for a doozy of a storm over the next 36 hours. Chuck and I spent a couple of hours after lunch today raking up leaves and cleaning out the eavestroughs.
The last couple of nights the Hunter Moon has been clearly visible in the night sky. I took the photo above on Sunday night. It was very clear.
I took this photo last night. Rather cloudy.
After we cleaned up outside I filled all the bird feeders as I knew the birds, squirrels and chipmunks would want to fill up on food before the storm. Silly squirrel was doing a Snoopy on top of the bird feeder.
Many junco's around eating up.
The goldfinch was eating all alone on the niger feeder when the woodpecker decided to join him.
One of the baby squirrels enjoying some sunflower seeds.
Chippy was filling his cheeks and running back and forth.
The poor bluejay had to drink from a leafy birdbath. It is so hard to keep the birdbath clean this time of year. I clean it and ten minutes later it is full of leaves.
Everyone seemed to be eating companionably this afternoon.
The mourning dove decided to get some birdseed too.

I hope if you are in the track of the storm you are ready for it. I went and got a few groceries this morning and did a few loads of wash and hung them out on the line. I plan on catching up on some baking over the next couple of stormy days.

Take care and talk soon.


  1. Nice to see the critters eating together. : )
    There haven't been many birds around my feeders lately. They seem so disappear in the winter and we only have crows.
    Great moon shots!!
    We are getting some rain this evening and it is pretty windy.

    1. I love watching all the critters eating together. Somehow they all usually get along. Too bad humans can't do the same!
      We are surrounded by trees so I think that's why birds tend to stay here year round.
      The rain has just started and the wind is picking up.

  2. I just love the variety of birds and furry critters who dine at your "restaurant". :-)

    Yes, I'll be sporting my rubber boots tomorrow, and I anticipate getting pretty wet on my way home from work. I probably will have water in the basementtoo, would be very surprised if I didn't!

    Anyway, have a good night and stay inside and dry tomorrow!

    1. Hi Kim!
      We just got back from our walk and it was rainy and a little windy. Keep your rubber boots close by!
      I hope you don't have water in your basement. The house Chuck and I rented when we were first married had a very leaky basement. A flood every time it rained. My sister rented the house after us and it turned out the neighbours downspout was the cause of the flooding. It poured right up against the foundation of the rental house.
      We are staying inside for the rest of the day. I have bread rising right now.
      Talk soon. Be careful today.

  3. What a good picture of the moon. I love seeing all the wildlife in your garden, our bird food hasn't been touched this Autumn xx

    1. I was just going to bed each night and remembered it was a Hunter Moon. I threw on my shoes and ran out into the backyard and took the photos. We are very fortunate to have all the wildlife coming to the feeders. Although the amount of bird foods we go through in a week....

  4. I just now came in from looking to see if the moon was up or not. Obviously it's too early. Because of various mountains it becomes visible quite a bit later than actual moonrise time. I love the pics you were able to get.

    I hope the storm isn't too dreadful and that you won't have a power outage. That's the part I don't like. Well, actually there's no part of storms that I like . Take care, GM

    1. Thanks G.M.. I am glad I remembered to take them
      The storm is just starting now (9:00a.m.) as I type this. We went through a hurricane when we were living in Nova Scotia which was no fun. I get a little jumpy when high winds and rain are predicted. In Nova Scotia we were 8 days with no power so I always worry about that.
      I will post after it is all done!


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