Good Mother.

I woke up Friday morning to rain hitting the windows. We had been planning all week to spend the day with my Mum down in Bomanville. We didn't want to disappoint her to we continued on with our plans.
 The sky was very dark for most of the day. As you can see in the photo above it was bright on the other side of Lake Ontario.
 The wind was very strong! The Canadian flag behind the tree is standing straight out.
 I think The Big Apple has a new paint job! It always makes me smile when I see it.
We had a lovely visit with my Mum. She has been having some health issues lately that have been worrying all of us but she is as bright as ever. We ran a few errands for her and then settled down for a long chat. She wanted me to go through her photos and take any I wanted. So you know where some will end up! There were so many I haven't seen in years and some I had forgotten about.
It started to clear up later in the day. It was a good day. We stopped at one of my favourite thrift stores and I found 10 books by an author I enjoy very much. All ten books for $6.00! The books are sold by the pound so they are always inexpensive.
All the outside work here is now completed so our home is ready for the winter.
We are concentrating on more painting. As I type this Chuck is painting our bedroom ceiling so no sleeping in there for a few nights. The ceiling paint is horribly smelly!
Does anyone else love Carol Burnett? For Christmas a few years ago I received a large set of her show but this DVD set was recently released. It contains shows that couldn't be released with the large set for legal reasons??????? anyway that's what she states in the booklet that comes with the DVD.  We have watched one episode so far and it was very funny. I am looking forward to watching the rest of them.

We had another lovely road trip yesterday to visit Kim. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed spending time with her and the boys. More on that trip next time!

Another sunny day here today so I must get out and enjoy it. Who knows how many more we will have now that it is mid-November.
Take care.


  1. I'm glad it was a good visit with your mum, her health issues not withstanding.

    Yes, the Big Apple looks very red! LOL. We stopped there once or twice, but it's been a long, long, LONG time since I've been in.

    Love the pics, especially the birds, as always.

    And yes, I used to watch the Carol Burnett show. I didn't even know there were "lost" episodes! Tim Conway doing his old man shuffle always cracked me up. :-)

    Thanks for the wonderful visit yesterday. Take care, have a great day!

    1. Hi Kim, it has been a few years since we stopped at The Big Apple too. It always seems so busy.
      I love Tim Conway! The dentist sketch he does with Harvey Korman is incredible! Actually anything he did was so funny. Now I want to go watch another episode.
      Take care and talk soon.

  2. Books sold by the pound - that a new one for me.
    Glad you mom is doing good and you had a nice visit.

    1. Thanks Karen! Aren't we so blessed to still have our Mum's?

    2. Yes, especially since the doctors didn't think she would last through March!! That's 8 months ago!!

  3. I so miss my mum...Im glad you had such a fab time with yours.
    Your bird pics are amazing as usual....just look at the colours...gorgeous
    Thanks for sharing
    Phoebe x

    1. Hi Phoebe, I'm so sorry your Mum is gone.
      Thanks for your kind words about my photos. I do love taking them!

  4. What great luck you had finding so many books by a fav. author. I have never heard of books being sold by the pound. That's very different. I'm afraid my hard cover Susan Branch books would cost a bit more than what I paid.
    I love the photo of the little Nuthatch. You must be endlessly patient to get those great shots.

    1. Hi G.M, I was very lucky to find all the books. Chuck came looking for me and I was staggering around trying to balance all the books!
      When it comes to taking bird photos I am extremely patient!

  5. Howdy! glad you came by to visit me! Glad you had a nice visit! I love that bluejay picture!

    1. I won't tell you how many photos I have taken of Bluejays lately!


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