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 If you have read my blog for awhile you will remember the car fire we had (Sunday August 30 post, I still am having trouble adding links!) that left the garage rather sooty. Well, finally tomorrow the gentleman is coming to start ripping out the old drywall and replacing it. We are also having the garage fully insulated. It has been very difficult to get someone to do the job. One company we contacted came out, gave us an estimate and then proceeded to not show up. We phoned three times and always were told "We will be there next week." One of our neighbours had their basement totally redone by a great company. One of the workers came over, gave us an estimate even called us yesterday to tell us that he was able to get the insulation on sale and saved us quite a bit of money. As you can see the ceilings are very sooty.
 This is the attic hatch in the garage. The fireman went up there to make sure nothing was damaged.
 We FINALLY found a ceiling fan we both agreed on for our bedroom. Chuck spent more than a few minuted installing it yesterday. Most electricians, Chuck included, hate installing them. Very fussy. The average price here to install one is $200.00.
 Interesting sky yesterday morning when we went out. We had quite a wind and rain storm last night/overnight. The wind woke us both up.
 Many nuthatches around the yard. I was standing looking out an upstairs window when I saw this one on the tree. I ran downstairs, grabbed my camera and he was still on the tree when I got back.
 This is our neighbours crabapple(?) tree. Lots of food for the winter for the birds.
 Squeaky peering at me.
 Friday morning sunrise.
 Junco enjoying some sunflower seeds. Not for long.......
 One of the baby squirrels pushed his way in.
Before the storm yesterday I put out lots of food for everyone. I also put out some dried cranberries for a change for the critters. One of the babies grabbed one and went and sat on the fence to savour it. He sat there for a couple of minutes enjoying it before finally finishing.

Busy day today as we have to remove everything from the garage and store it in the basement.

Sunny and cool this morning but at least we are not getting any snow like other parts of Ontario are today.

Have a great day!


  1. Finally your garage is being done! Yay! Fingers crossed all goes quickly and without any further hassle.

    I really like your fan, it's looks great. And now that I know much installation really costs, even if I ever find a replacement, I'm not having poor Chuck do it, especially for no charge!

    Love the sky and critter pics as always. Baby Squirrel is cute. Opportunistic, of course, but cute. :-)

    P.S. Yes, I heard the wild wind, as I was tossing and turning much of the night anyway. Glad it's settled down now.

    Have "fun" clearing out the garage!

    1. I will be so glad when this garage is finished. I think I am suffering from renovation burn-out!
      Chuck will be happy to do your ceiling fan Kim. He will have to curb the colourful language. Maybe we would just go out shopping and leave him to it!
      The wind was crazy overnight. At least we didn't get a foot of snow like some parts of Illinois did.

  2. Glad that you finally got someone who is willing to fix the garage for you.
    Your ceiling fan looks a lot like the one I'm sitting under right now. (Not turned on though)
    I got to walk in some snow flurries this morning but they haven't amounted to anything yet.

    1. We are just having some snow flurries now too. A little later than last year but it is supposed to warm up by the end of the week. I hope!

  3. Nice sunrise/cloud pics. Nice fan too. We have several in the house and have not forgotten what a problem they can be to install.
    Won't it be great to have the garage all done!!

    1. Thanks G.M. I'm glad we finally found one!
      So glad when the garage is done, I am tired of having tradespeople schlepping through the house. Luckily the garage is separated from the house by a breezeway so I can shut the door and not have to hear to much noise!

  4. I have never seen such pretty squirrels!! Are those a certain breed or what? Never saw any black ones here. I am quite intrigued with those beautiful black ones there!

    1. The black squirrels are everywhere here! I believe they are just regular squirrels.
      They look so good because they are spoiled rotten!


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