Baby, It's Cold Outside!

 Do you remember this photo of my neighbours tree I posted in late May (I believe)?
 This is what it looks like now. Covered in little crabapples (?) which all the birds are enjoying. If you click on the photo you can spot numerous goldfinches munching away.
 The robins are in the tree quite often too. We woke up to -10 celsius, 17 fahrenheit, the coldest morning so far. Poor critters!
 We are expecting a storm this evening so I filled all the bird feeders and put down a couple of handfuls of peanuts.
 Lots of activity right away.
 I'm not even back in the house and the squirrels are running for the peanuts!
 I noticed this squirrel this morning as I was going out to pick up a few groceries. He was sitting in our side yard tilted over eating a nut. He seemed fine otherwise so I continued on my way. An hour or so ago I noticed him eating under the feeders doing the same thing. He seems to not have much balance.
 Pardon the blurry photo but this is what happened next. He toppled over. He jumped right back up again and continued eating. We were wondering if he has eaten some fermented berries or crabapples. Hopefully whatever it is passes soon. It would be terrible if he fell out of a tree..
We finally are seeing light at the end of the tunnel with painting. This is Chuck painting out bedroom on the weekend. Last night we slept in our bed for the first time in a week. The guest bed is a 1920's double while our bed is a modern queen. I don't know how large or tall people would sleep in the old days. Chuck and I are shortish people and we were not the most comfortable!

I hope you are having a good day.
Take care!


  1. Poor squirrel! Fingers crossed it was fermented berries and that it's not some neurological issue for him (or her). It would be kind of funny to watch though...assuming s/he IS just "drunk"!

    I have to say that "cold" is an understatement! I was out early to water my plants at the office and then do some errands, in case the storm really is bad and I'm home for a couple of days (I shudder at the thought -- both of the storm and of being cooped up here.) Anyway, the wind was bitter. Just biting. I was well-layered, so my body wasn't the issue, but even with two hoods plus a scarf wrapped around my face, my cheeks were frozen. I made good bus connections though, and treated myself to a sugar-free vanilla skim milk latte at the McDonald's out on Gardiners Road. Just getting out of the wind felt good, never mind the hot drink. LOL. (I swear every retiree in the city was there too. Ha.)

    I bet sleeping in your own bed felt amazing! There's nothing quite like curling up under the covers, reading, listening to your preferred music, all snug and cosy. :-)

    Take care; have a great afternoon. Fingers crossed the weather forecasters are over-playing the storm (but prepare for the worst -- lol).

    1. I will keep an eye out for any more drunk squirrels! Hopefully that is what it was.
      I worry about you in the cold! The wind was bitter. This is the first time since last March I have worn my winter coat.
      I see they have already lowered the amount of snow we are to get here but still 5 to 15 cent. We have a full fridge and lots of gas for the snowblower so we are o.k.
      Stay inside and keep warm .

  2. Sounds like you finally got winter temperatures!!
    Strange about the squirrel.
    I don't really know but aren't crabapples bigger than what's on the tree?

    1. It is rather chilly here! I am not too sure about the tree being a crabapple. I know there is something called a False Crabapple so maybe this is it. We have many of the same trees in our neighbourhood.

  3. the storm you are expecting is in Michigan and should be heading your way soon......there are winter Robins (I learned last year!) so hopefully the one you saw isn't confused lol. catchatwithcarenandcody

    1. When we lived on the other side of Lake Ontario we did have robins there all winter. Living here I have never seen this amount of robins here in the winter.

  4. A tipsy squirrel, you think? Hope the storm isn't too nasty. Guess sooner or later Winter was bound to arrive. We had snow yesterday but it's almost all disappeared by now. Forecast for the week is mostly clear with daytime highs of around plus 4.

    1. I am hoping he was just tipsy. The squirrels race around the trees and I was wondering if he fell out onto his head. We heard you had snow but you are so fortunate that it melts very shortly!


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