Birthday Boy.

 Today is Chuck's birthday! He turns 55. Gosh, I met him when he was 21. The years have flown by. I took this photo last night after he lit the first Hanukkah candle.
 I couldn't resist sharing this photo from my calendar. It is the little things I miss not having a cat around. Their soft little paws.
 It had been very dreary here the last few days. We popped out for a couple of hours this morning and this is all we saw of the sun.
 Another beautiful sunset last night.
 I took this very early this morning. The two little spots of light in the middle of the photo are the moon and the morning star or Venus. It was so bright this morning before the clouds came in.
When we were in Belleville we stopped quickly at Value Village. I was looking for a light shirt to wear with jeans. I looked for a few minutes and found this. It fits great and is nice and light.
Another shot of Squeaky. He does love the pumpkin seeds!
This mourning dove was giving me the eye.
The squirrel had to settle for the leftovers after Squeaky was done.

I had a disturbing phone call earlier today. My Mum called (you may remember she lives with my brother and his wife) and she didn't sound quite like herself. Eventually she told me she fell over the weekend. This is the second time in about three years. She is fine but my brother insisted she go see her doctor. She is on meds for high blood pressure and my brother is worried her blood pressure may be too low now. Her mobility has gone down quite a bit in the last year which worries me. Hopefully she will have a full physical and maybe get her meds adjusted.

Still no snow here which pleases me to no end. It is going to be quite mild by the end of the week.

The work on the garage continues. Dan has spent the day sanding the drywall and doing touch ups. Chuck will be helping Dan tomorrow blow in insulation into the attic of the garage. Should be interesting. Photos to follow!

Take care and have a good day.


  1. Happy birthday to Chuck! I wish I'd known today was his birthday!

    Lots of purrs and purrayers to your mom...can or will your brother ensure she *does* see her doctor? I'm glad she didn't break anything and hope it's more an issue of a needed med adjustment than something else.

    The shirt was a good find! Do you ever pop in to any thrift store and NOT find a great bargain? :-)

    The critters are cleaning you out of seeds and nuts. LOL.

    Take care -- I hope Chuck will celebrate his birthday in some way!

  2. Hi Kim, I will pass along your birthday wishes to Chuck. He is like someone else I know who doesn't want their birth date known!
    My brother is taking my Mum to her doctor's appointment and speaking to the doctor too.
    I have had a run of good luck lately at thrift stores. Well, up till now anyway!
    The critters are cleaning us out of seeds. I have to go fill the feeders after I write this.
    I am making Chuck a birthday cake right now. He requested one of my pizzas for supper. He found a couple albums he wanted at the thrift store. Doesn't take much to make us happy.
    Talk soon.

  3. Happy birthday to Chuck. I love those little kitty paws, just the thing to bring a smile to someone's face xx

  4. Thanks Cheryl! I do love kitty paws too. I miss them poking in my face at 5:00 in the morning!

  5. Happy birthday wishes to Chuck and hope yall have a nice evening! Love that kitty paw picture!!! Babyblacksquirrels and uou know yall have a fan in Charleston south carolina? Love those creatures!

    1. Thank you for your birthday wishes. Also thanks for your kind words. You are so sweet! If it has fur or feathers I love it!

  6. Happy Birthday to Chuck. A double nickle - my 55th I was in Ireland walking around the Ring of Kerry.
    Sorry to hear about your mother. Hope she is better soon. Just said a prayer for her.

    1. Thanks Karen. Sounds like you had a great 55th.
      Thank you for the prayer for my Mum.

  7. Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Birthday to your hubby.
    That's a nice shirt you found at VV. Is it rayon? It appears to be very soft and drapey? Isn't it great to pop into a thrift store and find a treasure or two!!
    I sure hope you Mom will be okay and that it's just a matter of adjusting her meds.

    1. Thank you G.M. I think the shirt is rayon. It is a very light fabric. Good for hot flashes!
      Thanks for you kind words about my Mum.

  8. Praying all is well with your Mom. Chuck is still a baby, I'm older than him, hell, I'm older than EVERYONE lol

    1. Thanks Caren! Age is just a number. It's how you feel inside.

  9. I forgot to say Happy Chanukah! I didn't know you are Jewish, I am too catchatwithcarenandcody

  10. A late happy birthday, Chuck. Sure hope your Mom is okay. Falling is a scary thing when we get older.

    1. Thanks Henny! Falling is very scary as we get older.


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