By the Light of the Silv'ry Moon.

 Beautiful sunset Christmas Eve. We have really been blessed with warm weather this whole month of December but it is coming to an end. Tomorrow afternoon it is supposed to turn colder and we are to get some snow on and off all next week. It was lovely while it lasted!
 I heard a report on the radio about annuals and perennials blooming again in this warm weather so I went out to check our gardens. Sure enough I found some plants starting to come up again. I have a few clumps of Sedum and they all are coming up.
 I can't recall the proper name of this plant but I call it a Bellflower. I have numerous clumps of this and they too are all sprouting.
 Even the Brown Eyed Susan has a flower on it.
 Good old Dead Nettle hangs on! We went for a long walk yesterday and we spotted many annuals still blooming. We saw a gorgeous clump of snapdragons flowering with many new buds on it.
 Last night after supper we went downtown to view the light display that is put up every year. It is set up in a small park beside the Bay.  This year it is tinged with sadness as the man who spearheaded this project many years ago and worked on it every year has passed away.
 The full moon was lovely reflecting on the Bay of Quinte.
 We did have some sun during the day and many visitors at the feeders.
I hope you had an enjoyable holiday and spent time doing things that make you happy.

Take care.


  1. Oh, those perennials are in for a shock! It was chilly today, yes, with winter on the way soon. FreshCo was open, so I popped in on the way home this AM, in case we get freezing rain tomorrow.

    Love your sky shot. The full moon was gorgeous. I wonder if first responders had a spike in calls, above the normal holiday craziness. I really believe a full moon just adds to the general nuttiness!

    All your critters will be nicely fattened up for the coming winter weather. :-)

    I guess I should do a post...I have enough pics...and enough to say. LOL.

    Take care, have a great evening!

    1. Yes all the plants are in for a big shock!
      We did our Boxing Day shopping today instead of waiting for the 27th like we usually do. We were concerned the weather may be bad tomorrow too. We got it done early and were home by 10:00.
      The full moon was lovely. We stood outside down by the Bay and watched it for awhile.
      I enjoyed your cloud photos very much.
      Take care and talk soon!

  2. Oh what a beautiful sunset. Our warm weather continues.

  3. Replies
    1. It already is getting colder. Winter is coming!

  4. It has been like summer time here. There are Iris blooming and the flowering quince is covered in buds. Your pictures are beautiful.

    1. Thanks Henny. Iris's blooming in December! The weather is crazy!

  5. Yesterday ( Christmas Day) was the only clear evening that I think we've had this month. We were able to see the gorgeous full moon with just a few wispy clouds that made it even lovelier. Today it's back to cloud.
    Our house was bursting today with grown children, grandchildren and all. We always have our big gathering on the 26th so now life can go back to normal. I am so ready for normal.
    I hope your plants survive the cold spell that's coming.

    1. I'm glad you could enjoy the Full Moon. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas. We also on the 26th would go to my Oma's and Opa's for our family Christmas celebrations. So many people packed into the farmhouse. It was always lots of fun!


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