Dust In The Wind.

First I wanted to share with you a photo of a bookstore cat. This is Corky from "Booksmart" in St Catharines. I have visited this store many times over the years and Corky is always there to greet people. He has a tail like the letter Z  which makes him even sweeter! 

Look at the dust! This is the garage floor which is normally grey. The sanding is all done now except for a small  section in one of the corners. It has been so humid this last week it is taking extra long for the drywall mud to dry. Dan assures us it will be painted by tomorrow afternoon.
Chuck busily hooking up the plugs. The pipe at the lower right is for the central vacuum.

Look at the temperature! Lovely for December 10th.
It was bright and sunny for a few hours this morning. I went out and filled the feeders and quickly had company.
This is one of the babies. I actually recognize this one now as he/she (I haven't figured it out yet!) has a small scar by his/her eye.
The Robin's are enjoying all the nice weather too. We hear them everyday on our walks. Lots of mountain ash berries for them to eat.
This Dead Nettle plant is in a protected spot surrounded by rocks. Lovely to see something still flowering this time of year.

My Mum had her doctor's appointment on Wednesday. When the doctor heard what happened (Mum fell) she ordered bloodwork right away and phoned my Mum with the results that afternoon. One of her meds was changed and another one had the dosage lowered. Hopefully this will help. Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

With the garage being done shortly we will be able to do a couple road trips hopefully next week. It will be good to get out and about again!

Take care.


  1. Is Corky missing his front left leg? He looks like an absolute love! I so want to snuggle him. LOL.

    Awesome squirrel pics today. It'll be an easy winter for a lot of critters, even those who don't have a buffet from a kind human every day. :-)

    Hurray for the garage almost being done! Whew, it's been a long haul since you had your kitchen done when you started blogging this past spring. Definitely time for a break.

    Fingers and paws crossed the meds adjustments do the trick for your mom. I think people who take a number of meds should have them reviewed regularly (annually maybe). And I think the pharmacist knows more about how they interact than a family doctor, so it's good to consult with both!

    Take care, have a great evening.

    1. Hi Kim, no Corky has all his limbs. His left front leg is tucked back. He LOVES to be snuggled. Very different running your hand down his tail with i being zigzagged.
      The squirrels are all looking very plump this year.
      You are right it has been a long haul. We were both saying this morning we need a couple of months renovation free.
      We are all hoping the meds adjustment means Mum will be feeling better.
      Take care, talk soon.

  2. thank goodness your Mum is ok and I hope the change in meds helps! I am in love with Corky!

  3. That Corky looks like the perfect cat for a bookstore. Good news about your mom. Let's hope this change in meds does the trick.
    It's so great that your weather is unseasonably nice because the winter will
    hopefully, seem much shorter than usual.

    1. Corky is perfect for the bookstore. He loves people and loves to cuddle.
      We are even warmer today G.M. in the fifties! It will make winter seem even shorter.

  4. Glad the mom got some new meds and hope they help her a lot. Corky, you are too cute. What fun to have a cat in the book story.All the pictures are great. You all have a great day.

    1. Thanks Marg. I always love your photos too. Have a great weekend!

  5. Sweet little black squirrels!! Glad to hear your mom is recovering!

    1. A few of the black squirrels are a bit smaller than the others so look extra cute.
      Thanks for your good wishes!


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