So This Is Christmas.

 This was Christmas 1964. I would have just a couple weeks shy of a year old, my sister around 6 1/2 and my brother around 3 1/2. Does anyone remember the toy I am holding? I think it rolled along the floor and made a popping noise.
 Beautiful moon two nights ago. We were just heading to bed and I looked outside. It was visible so briefly but I managed to snap a photo.
 Yesterday morning was so foggy that the trees were dripping with condensation.
 This squirrel is a new visitor to the backyard feeders. I am sure you are wondering how I would know that! It's tail. It is wide and flat like a beaver's tail. I am sure it will help keep him or her warm on a cold winter night!
 The sun finally came out this morning so we decided to walk downtown for a change. It is extremely windy out but the temperature is in the 50's.
 Clouds hanging over the Bay of Quinte.
 Flags standing straight out at the Marina.
This is Roy Bonisteel. Well, a bronze statue of Roy anyway! He was a local celebrity here in our area. He had a long and varied career starting as a newspaper reporter. His career also included broadcasting, author, T.V. host, goes on and on. Lovely man, very down to earth and easy to talk to. Roy was born here some 85 years ago and when he retired he came back. He was always very giving to the community with his time and resources.
Roy passed away two years ago and this past Fall this statue along with a beautiful garden was installed. I love how someone has given him a scarf for the winter!

Quiet days spent around the house for the next few days as we don't care to shop with all the crowds.

If you celebrate Christmas, something else or nothing at all I wish you peace.

Take care.


  1. That statue is terrific and the scarf just makes it. Perfect. :-)

    It's been blowing a gale here too! Crazy warm, crazy windy. While waiting for Jysk to open at 9:30, I snapped a gazillion cloud photos, because it was before the skies cleared. Have yet to download them, but I'll be pulling a "Robin" and posting cloud pics at some point. LOL.

    I also snapped a few pics of some lilac buds (!), but have yet download the pics, will do that next. Good thing they're hardy, because they're in for a shock come Monday, if the forecast windchill holds true.

    Take care, have a lovely evening. Sending Light and holiday wishes to you both. It's still the holiday season, no matter what you celebrate, or how. :-)

  2. Meant to add that you were so adorable! I would have been 3 months younger than you. I don't think I had that toy, but it does look familiar, probably saw them as a young child.

    1. Hi Kim. the statue is lovely. Very fitting memorial to a wonderful man.
      I'm looking forward to your cloud photos!
      We saw a small lilac with the buds turning green too yesterday. I couldn't believe my eyes! Thank you for all your kind wishes. Chuck and I wish you the best of everything Kim!
      I do love that photo of the three of us!
      Take care.

  3. I do remember that toy and the annoying popping noise it made!
    I was reading that we haven't had a full moon on Christmas Day since 1977. I believe we may just see it although I'm not going to count on it too much. We have had some rain every darn day of this month so far.
    I remember Roy Bonisteel from the days of "Man Alive".

    We avoid the crowds too and anyway, I have no reason to venture out. Have a lovely Christmas no matter how you choose to spend it.

    1. I think everyone is thoroughly sick of all the rain we are having!
      I watched "Man Alive" too. I remember being in the Eaton's Centre in Toronto and watching Roy interviewing a man. The two of them were sitting on a bench in the middle of the mall with probably 100 of us watching. He was so focused on the man he was interviewing I don't think he looked up at us the whole time we watched.
      Have a wonderful day!

  4. A lovely photo from Christmas past. : )

  5. Beautiful pictures !!
    Merry Christmas !!

    1. Thank you. Merry Christmas to you and thanks for stopping by!

  6. Good Heavens, Roy Bonisteel. I remember him hosting "Manalive" when I was young. The good old days of CBC Television.

    This Christmas sees the first full moon since 1977. You and I are almost the exact same age, so hopefully 1977 really was the good old days for you!

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone there.

    1. I remember watching "Man Alive" too. Good show!
      I would have been 13 in 1977. Hhhhmmmm, trying to remember when I was 13. I can't say I remember it being a full moon that Christmas. Probably more concerned about boys and what I would receive for Christmas!
      Wishing you and all your kitties a Happy New Year and good luck with your move.


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